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A Unique Technique To Cash With Shopify And Facebook

 A Unique Technique To Cash With Shopify And Facebook

In this guide we will see how to get 300-500% ROI daily by using other people’s blog posts in my Shopify store. This is actually a method you could use to drive traffic to your store all year. My first two days of doing this method I made almost $1,000, well $924 to be exact.

The blog I made also went viral, so besides the small amount of money I paid for the traffic, that blog went on to get thousands and thousands of viral visitors in Facebook because it was shared so much.

Making Money Using Facebook And Shopify : The Method

The way this method works basically is you find proven trending content that has been shared 10’s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of times so people already have proven they will share it and love it. You then place that article on your Shopify blog, (or any website/blog you may have) and give the original source credit. You then place a few ads of your own within that article, those ads then point to a relevant product in your Shopify store, or any eCommerce store you may have. This can work with with promoting just about anything from an affiliate product to products of your own.

So you can do this on a site, then direct that traffic to an affiliate offer, amazon store or your own Shopify store and more. In this guide I will be showing the method I used, which is setting up a blog within your Shopify store and sending people that land on that page to products within your store to buy.

You then place a simple Facebook ad that takes 5 minutes to set up and drive traffic. Again, since this a topic and article people have proven to like, Facebook will reward you with very cheap clicks to your article for it. You will see in my examples where I am getting .01 per click and around 400% ROI.

It’s an easy method to set up and you can be running tonight with it. This method works so well you can set this as a main traffic source…set up some blogs, then let the traffic just run to it, it is very

How to Find Articles

For the start of this method you are going to out and find some blogs that other people have wrote and gone viral to place on your own Shopify blog. There are many different sites out there that
monitor trending articles, video, posts etc. For this example I will be using Buzzsumo.


1. Go to buzzsumo.com

Enter the topic of the article you are going to use in your Ecommerce store and promote. We will use dog pics for our example blog post.

2. Trending Stats 

Once you click search there will be results shown that will help us find an article that is already proven to be popular.
1. Enter search term here
2. You can search by articles in the past year or the past 24 hours. It does not have to be a current article to do well.
3. You can search the type of content you want, this has worked for me for articles and videos as well.
4. Total shares, we are sorting by what has been shared the most.
5. 40k shares here
6. I’ve decided to use this article based on the high shares and the content in it, click on it the article you want to use in your site.

3. How to use the article

Important, you need to give credit to the sources, you CAN NOT just take the article and pics and not give credit for it.
1. Title: You are going to rewrite the title ALWAYS with your own words.
2. Showing 41k shares on this so it’s good.
3. This link is to the original creator of the content, this site just did what we are doing, found it and gave credit, give credit to both the site and original, it might just be the original article so it’s fine
just to credit the one source.

 How to Set up your blog in Shopify

 This method will work in any platform you are selling from, in this example I will be showing how to create the blog post within Shopify.


 Click Online Store , click blog post, then ADD BLOG POST

  Add your own twist

In the title, rewrite the original title of the article, do not copy what
they have exactly. At the start of the article you are going to write a
brief description of the article that you found, just 1-2 paragraphs is
fine. Credit the source: In the paragraph you are going to give credit to the original source you found it from. Simple use the url then link
to it. Highlight the url, then. Click the link button.
Copy and paste the article within your Shopify post, make sure to
delete any of the extra advertising or links they may have in the
words, save and insert and images into your post.

 Add the Products to promote
1. Below the initial paragraph you wrote about the article, you are
going to paste an image of the product you are promoting here,
above where the article first begins.
2. Click Image, then upload the image you want to use to promote
back to your store.

Now just put  several ads for your product within the article. In this one I am including three, one after my initial paragraph, one in the middle of the article and one at the end. If it’s a long article
you can add more, but don’t over do it. Same goes if you are just using a video etc. 

 Link your product

Here we are going to link the product to your Shopify store, so that when someone clicks the image or link about it, they will go straight to your product page and be able to purchase.
  • Write a short description of what you are selling. Make sure to add a call to action like I have here, “click here”.
  • Highlight the sentence then click the LINK icon
And finally use the URL on Shopify that you are promoting.

Don't forget to make the text in the ad a little bigger than the article font, so bold and make the font a little bigger We also want the image of your product to be clickable as well so that when the visitor clicks on it, it will take them straight to your product page, in a new window.

 Setting Up Facebook Ads

I would highly recommend using Facebook ads for this method, it works better than anything else I have tried.

We are going to be using conversions as an objective in Facebook ads. Perhaps you have seen methods where people are telling you to use “clicks to website” or “page post engagement, boost your post etc”. This is fine if you just want to promote a post or just looking or visitors to your website, brand exposure etc. However, the main objective of this whole method is to get you sales.

If you tell Facebook you want them to promote your post, or just get clicks to your website, that is exactly what they are going to do. They will try to find anyone and everything that will just click or
comment on your post to take that action. We want people who BUY, so if we tell Facebook that we want people who make purchases, they will find those people. The way you do this is using “conversions” as an objective. We want Facebook to find the buyers for use, not the clickers.


When targeting in Facebook, get it very broad, into the millions is fine. We want Facebook to narrow down the targeting for us, so I keep it broad. They know where their buyers are, not us, so don’t drill too deep into specific audiences and it will limit Facebooks ability to narrow properly as you are using a small audience. This small audience will also run out too. Keep it broad, this method works.

1. Select country. You do not always have to use the USA, Australia, Canada and many European countries have worked very well for me also, the clicks are much cheaper with them also.

2. Keep the age range broad, again we do not know exactly who our buyers are, 21+ is what I use most of the time, let Facebook find the buyers, keep it broad so they can search and test for you.

3. Use male and female. Do NOT assume just because the product you are promoting may be a male dominated area, it does not mean that more females may buy then the males, for gifts etc.
I have seen this many times with a female product, and the men gave me a much higher ROI then if I would have just targeted the men. Keep it open, facebook will find them for you.

4. Interest. Again, keep it broad here. We want a huge audience for Facebook to find buyers for us, also we want a big audience that once we find what’s working we can use this all year long. Not just for a few weeks and it ends. Keep it broad.

5. 15,000,000 yes, there are 15 million people in this audience. Perhaps this is different from most people are telling you, however looks at the ROI I have posted on the sales page, 400%+. So this works for me.


Where to place your ad? For this type of ad we are going to place it on news feed only, Desktop and mobile only. We are not going to post in Instagram, audience network or Right column. You are welcome to try the others, but this is what has worked for me.


You can start at $1-5 a day per blog post that you do. Remember you want to do MANY of these posts, most of mine work very very well, but some don’t. Do not just do one post and think that this
doesn’t work. Start with 10 and promote all 10. From $1-5 to start is fine.
1. $1-$5 to start
2. Run constantly
3. Conversions as goal, always

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