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How Make Money Online Creating And Selling Information Products Online Part 2

Market & demand analysis : Creating And Selling Information Products

Market & demand analysis : Creating And Selling Information Products


Keyword Tools

 You can research by using a keyword tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can get a good idea if there is a general interest in your product idea. Set the tool to “phrase” and type in your main keyword. Check that your keyword is getting a decent amount of search. You need to see that suggested keywords (by the tool) are also getting a fair amount of searches. If your keyword is getting a significant amount of searches, that’s a good start but doesn’t mean you have a winning idea.
There are other factors to take into consideration as well. Also, take a look at the competition rating on the keyword tool. If there is a high amount of competition that means that more than likely there is profit. People wouldn’t be spending money on Adwords if they weren’t turning a profit.

Checking Competition on Google

Too much competition can be hard to overcome. So make sure you do a check on your keywords in Google wrapped in quotation marks. You may see millions of pages coming back and other info products taking the top spots. In that case, it could be difficult to get organic traffic from Google.
The good news is that there are many other ways to market your product that don’t rely on Google. So, even if there is stiff competition in the SERP’s (search engine results pages), there are ways to overcome that. But if you want to rely on Google for most of your traffic, then it would be a good idea to avoid fierce competition.

Researching Forums

Think about what niche your product is in and search forums in that niche. For example, if your product is going to be in the internet marketing niche. So, you want to check out forums such as the Warrior Forum to see if your product idea is hot or not. The forums can also be an excellent opportunity to interact with the forum members. And see what kind of info products they would like to buy. You may even come up with new ideas that you haven’t thought of yet by getting feedback this way.

Researching Marketplaces

Another great way to research your product idea is to see if similar products are selling. You need to check that in various online marketplaces. Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, and others are great places to check. You will have a clear understanding of what is currently selling in your niche. Say you want to create a weight loss product. You need to see exactly what types of weight loss info products are selling. On some sites such as Amazon, you can’t see exactly how many products have sold. But you can check to see ratings and reviews of that products by the customers. Gravity is a rough indicator of Clickbank. Gravity indicates what products have the most affiliates promoting them. Once you’ve determined that there is a demand for your idea you can begin to plan out how you’re going to create it. Is it going to be an ebook, video series, audio series or something else? The method you choose to present your info product to your market is critical. You can choose to create your info product in more than one format. In fact, the more ways you can present your info product to your market the better.

Subject Matter Research

You need to do some research on your subject matter. And it will not depend on which method you choose to present your info product. Additionally, information is fluid; there is no such thing as static information. Always keep up-to-date with the latest news and info that has to do with your product. Some industries change very fast and keeping your knowledge up-to-date is essential. Say, you choose Internet marketing niche to create your info product. You need to ensure that there is no outdated information or technique in your product. This rule applies to many other niches as well. You want to provide value to your customers. Outdated material or incorrect will only de-value your product.

General Research

The first step of research is to get a general overview of your subject matter. Even if you think you know a lot about your subject matter, still you need to do some general research. You need to do this to make sure your info is up-to-date One great source for general information is forums. Forums almost always have up-todate info and can give you a great idea of what is going on in your niche.
Moreover, if you have any questions you can always ask the forum members, they will be happy to help in most cases. But you need to ensure that if you’re asking questions that you don’t come across as sounding like a newbie in your niche. Remember, you’re going to portray yourself as an authority in your niche so you’ll have more credibility. People want to buy info products from niche authority figures, not newbies.

Another excellent source of general information is the various news sources online. Type in some of your keywords in Google and add the word “news” to bring up any news stories having to do with your niche.When doing this always remember to check the date on the news articles you pull up.
Avoid outdated information. Make sure the news is current. And take note of anything that could have a significant impact on your niche and your product. Note down any specific data, statistics or quotes that come from a reliable source of authority. Using these data with the source of your product will increase credibility. You also use these source and data on the sales page of your product.
Another good source for general, current info is to check social media sites. There are many like Digg, Reddit and Bebo and so on. If you sort your searches by the date you can get some very up to date info on your niche.

Specific Research

You got a general idea of your niche and had up-to-date and useful information. It is time to do more specific research. This research is essential step. You’ll be gathering all the information that will constitute your product in this step. How much of this specific research you do depends on how familiar you are with your niche. The amount of research you need to do will be much less if you’re already an expert or very knowledgeable about your niche. And vise versa. You can use a variety of sources for your specific research. Article directories could be the quickest and easiest ways to get info. These sites have a ton of info that is accessible to you for your research purposes. Keep in mind that the information these article directories may not be accurate. You can determine this info for accuracy only if are knowledgeable on the niche. You could be enlightened on any niche if you do the general info research.

Another excellent source for specific information is online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. One can edit the Wikipedia content. But only the passionate and knowledgeable person on the subject bother to write and edit the pages. So, the information there is pretty much accurate.

Stay Organized

Make sure that you’re staying organized while taking notes. Write down the critical information in a physical notebook. Or use program like WordPad or Notepad. Do not copy and past info. Write it down with your own words. This way, you will gain a better understanding of the information you’re taking in. Also, keep your notes organized. Don’t throw information into a file or notebook, sort it
by subject matter.
For example, if your niche is dog training don’t jumble up all your information on dog training instead, break it up. You might have one section where you compile info on obedience training. And another chapter for tricks. And yet another for agility training depending on what your product is going to be. You want your information to be accessible when it comes time to turn it into your
product. You don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of jumbled notes to find what you’re looking for so stay organized.

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