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How Make Money Online Creating And Selling Information Products Online Part 4

How Make Money Online : Rules Of Info Product Creation


Video Products

The primary advantage that videos have over eBooks is that they have a higher perceived value. People will be much more likely to buy a video series at a higher price than they would an ebook.
The good news is that if you already have an eBook creating a video series based off of it is simple. You can create a mind map. Then read each chapter and sub-section. You read through the mind map while recording it with a video capture program. This technique is favorite right now with many internet marketers who make their products.

 Types of Videos

Video creation may seem daunting at first but trust me, it ’s simple. There are two fundamental ways to create a video series. Doing voice over and filming something. For example, You are making a dog training video product. You have to film yourself training a dog. Get a decent camcorder and someone with a steady hand to shoot you for each lesson. Say you’re making a video series. Your subject is how to flip websites. You can make tutorial videos that walk your viewers through the process. You can do it using voice over with a video recording program.more editing options, and the video will be smoother. You can get a 30 day trial of Camtasia for free, but after that, it’s $300.

  Don’t be a Perfectionist

When making videos, the #1 rule is not to be a perfectionist. It can be nerve-wracking at first speaking into the microphone or getting in front of a camera. And it can also be tempting to stop a video and start over if you flub your lines or make a mistake. Don’t do it. Unless you’re a professional voice over artist or actor, don’t expect your videos to be perfect. It isn’t going to happen.
You have to make a deal with yourself that you will not start over once you start recording. You will never get a video if you do. You can edit any mistakes or errors later, and if a video is completely messed up, you can always redo it. Say, you flub your lines, or you make an error. Nobody will care as long as you’re delivering useful, accurate content. Much like with eBooks the quality of your
information trumps the actual delivery of it.

Hiring Professionals

You can go the extra mile and hire voice over artists and local actors for your videos. This can be costly but if you are sure of the return it can be well worth.Do keep in mind that if you’re shooting live video, this may not always be an option. Say, you’re creating a product on how to get better at archery. You’re the archery expert you ’re going to have to be the one firing the bow, not an actor.

Also hiring professionals can be a bad move if you’re looking to build up your authority in your niche. You want your customers to become accustomed to your voice or to see you on camera. You need to build that sense of familiarity. The more people bond with you the more they’re going to buy from you.


Video products are most offered as a download only. But if you want to go the extra mile and provide them with DVDs as well, you can. Be sure to take into account how much producing DVDs will cost. Also, make sure you’re not messing up your profit margins.
Offering DVDs can work if you offer them in conjunction with the downloaded version. But I'm against providing DVDs by themselves. But it is okay if you know that they’re going to sell.

Audio Series

Creating an audio series is simple, and you can do it one of two ways. You can use an audio recording tool such as Audacity and record yourself. Or if you are making a video series, you can strip out the audio using Camtasia.
When doing an audio recording, you can ad-lib using some loose notes, or you can read from a script. If you have an eBook, you can read that if you want. Make sure you put your audio series into MP3 format. This is the most used format for audio files and will appeal to the most massive user base.
An audio series isn’t something that you can sell on its own, at least not for a decent price.  They’re used as bonuses to other aspects of your product. Such as an eBook or video series to increase the perceived value of the offer.

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