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How To Set Up Your Facebook Campaign To Make Money With CPA

Getting Access To The CPA Offers & Setup

 How To Set Up Your Facebook Campaign To Make Money With CPA

 The Right CPA Offers & how to Setup

DripRevenue CPA Network have multiple RTO (Rent-to-own) offers if not you can find others CPA Network just visit offervault and search for RTO offers.
When you arrive on the network, click Offers on the left hand side menu and then Browse/Search After that you will want to go into the search box and type “rent” so that we can find the RTO offers.

At this point we can Request Approval for each of the offers. I recommend split testing all of the offers that we have available. Next you will want to make sure that once you get approved for the offers that you correctly place your postback URL or conversion pixel. If you are using ClickMagick, your affiliate link should end with &aff_sub=[clickid].

Your postback URL can be generated using ClickMagick’s Postback URL Builder. Once you have your postback URL generated, you will want to place it on the backend of the offer.
If the postback URL is not set up and placed properly, your ClickMagick will not track properly and you won’t be able to optimize your campaigns (without some confusing and very technical workarounds). Click the button in the picture below to finish setting up your postback URL


 Now that our postback is setup properly, we are almost ready to go ahead and head over to Facebook to create our page and start running some ads! The final step before we create our ad is to install our
Facebook pixel on the backend. In order to do this, please consult this tutorial on how to setup your Facebook pixel. Once you have your Facebook pixel created, you need to contact affiliate manager in order to install your pixel for you.  Now that our pixel is setup, we can proceed to Facebook
to create our first ads and campaign!

Creating Our First Facebook Campaign 

At this point, we need to go into our Facebook account and create a Facebook page. We will want to name our page “Rent To Own Homes” or something very similar. For a profile picture, you will want to use either a cartoon picture of a home or a picture of a very luxurious and expensive home. For a cover photo, you can add a nice looking home to the cover just to make your page look a little bit more legitimate and professional. At this point you can also go ahead and set up your Page Button, just put your affiliate link there as well. Once this is finished, we are good to go ahead and make our post.

The best way to find out which style of posts you need to use for maximum profitability is to simply copy others. Go back to your Facebook search bar and type in “rent to own” and click on the pages with the highest amounts of likes. I typically look at the most recent comments to make sure that they are still running that ad. If they have been running it for a while, that’s a very good indicator that it’s still working. You will want to copy people’s exact ads, even images, and ad copies. This way you reduce the variables that are needed to reach profit, making reaching profit a much easier task.
With this method, I recommend using post engagement ads first and then switch to conversion ads.
If you are using a video, you can also try video views, but you will first need to find an RTO video ad to download and use.

*Important* - When creating your post engagement ad, make sure to use a call to action button that says “Learn More”. This will drastically increase the amount of clicks and conversions that you get. For the call to action button link, you will need to use your actual affiliate link directly from inside of the DripRevenue CPA Network. A goo.gl link will be blocked here due to Facebook not allowing
these links.

Use the same exact ad images, ad copies, and ad styles that you found while doing live spying on the top RTO Facebook pages. Test 3-4 different ad sets at a time with different age, interest, and demographic targeting. See the image below to see how I typically split test my Facebook ad sets.

I would recommend that you also test 4-5 different ads per ad set, each with different styles, images, and copies, following the same type of split testing in the above image. Doing the above two things will drastically increase how quickly you get results. You will want to start your campaign’s ad set budgets at $5-10 per day to get some data in first. Don’t raise it much higher than that when starting out, otherwise you will waste money.

The Facebook pixel needs at least one to two weeks to fully optimize. If you notice that an ad set and ad combination are consistently getting conversions, do not increase the budget more than 20% per day until the pixel optimization is complete, otherwise this could seriously mess up your
campaign performance. Once you have set up your Facebook campaign with multiple ads and ads per ad sets, you will need to be patient for at least a few days to let the pixel optimize.
You can disable or pause an ad set once it has spent $5 without a conversion to save quite a bit of money.

Well… that’s all there is to it! This method is really that simple. This underground RTO method has been around for years and years and has been responsible for millions and millions of dollars in affiliate commissions.


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