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The Top 10 Dos To Mastering A Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign

The Dos To Master A Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign

The Top 10 Dos To Mastering A Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign
 Now that we have seen all the do not that we need to avoid in order to ensure we master that Twitter marketing campaign of ours, let’s take a look at some of the dos where it comes to doing the very same. Of course you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned where it comes to creating a Twitter marketing campaign that really packs a punch, right? Well then, take a look at the best possible dos that you need to adhere to, to ‘do’ just that! unturned

#1. Do tweet regularly. 

You have to understand that the Twitter sphere is really like a vast ocean where you can be lost in an instant if you don’t create that proverbial large wave that we have talked about in brief earlier. For this very reason you have to understand that you have to make your presence succinctly felt, by tweeting regularly.

It doesn’t have to be ten tweets a day; just a couple of tweets or at least one tweet a day, should suffice to show the Twitterati that you even exist in the very first place. That’s because memory on Twitter is short and you are really most forgettable unless you can consciously imprint yourself in the minds of people out there through your regular tweets. We have already discussed the importance of getting that timing right when you tweet; what remains is how often you tweet, and it doesn’t really take all that much effort and time to send out a tweet or two every single day, does it? Of course you need to opt for quality over quantity, and that’s why you have to make sure that every single tweet of yours out there actually counts for something, if you are to get the kind of recognition you are seeking.

#2. Do use the power of scheduling tweets to your advantage. 

The best marketing strategies are those that are well planned, and the same principle applies for tweeting as well. When you schedule those tweets of yours well in advance you will find that you can get the best possible results, and one of the greatest advantages in doing the same is the fact that one ensures that they don’t miss tweeting for even a single day. For instance, you could schedule tweets a month in advance so that it works out in the very best of your interests.
What you need to ensure is that you don’t schedule tweets for events because these very events might just be cancelled at the last moment and then you will be in a position where you will be tweeting abut something that never really happened, and that can be quite awkward indeed.

#3. Do have a certain plan in mind when following people. 

As we have already discussed, you don’t wish to be following quite simply everyone out there, where it comes to the process of indirectly trying to increase your very own tribe of followers. At the very same time you don’t wish to follow only those people who have a large number of followers, even though they might very well be in the same industry as you.
The thing to remember here is this: a lot of the big influencers out there might have a thing or two to teach you and might even help you grow that tribe of yours to some degree, but you also wish to connect with genuine people who can strike a conversation with you and share interesting bits of information. So, also follow people who you have an intuitive sense about, irrespective of the number of followers they have.

#4. Do use the power of Video to tell stories. 

Sure you might be tweeting like nobody else out there where it comes to the creativity with which you use your words ad the kind of images you post, but have you ever considered just how powerful a video could be? Of course you can’t embed a video into every single tweet, but whenever you have a really great story to tell (and using videos is a really great way to tell stories), you should use the power of video to make sure it’s told in the best possible manner. In fact, videos have a very high engaging power with people out there in today’s world, and if there were ever a time to go visual, then this would be it.
There’s simply something about telling a story, that makes the information that it is conveying all the more retainable in the minds of the people who are listening to it, and when you tell it through the medium of video then it becomes even all the more effective. Besides, it’s really not all that hard to make a video while at the same time it would help to have one professionally shot.

#5. Do tweet about promotions. 

A vast number of people out there are on Twitter simply because they want to know all about that special offer or promotion, and if you aren’t going to be giving out these then you will find those potential customers of yours shifting their loyalties (if they were even loyal to your brand to begin with, that is) to the companies out there that might be offering the same. Everyone likes something like a discount or perhaps even a freebie every now and then, and you really do have to take advantage of that fact by creating a special promotion that really packs a punch where it comes to promoting your brand online.
Of course the promotion is not going to run forever and by the end of it you will have garnered the loyalty of many a new customer, and strengthened your relations with your existing ones.

#6. Do be easy to find. 

We have already discussed the importance of creating a stellar profile out there where it comes to making sure that you create the right impact in the Twitter-sphere that will get those eyeballs rolling and mouses clicking; however, you do wish to be found rather easily in the very first instance, in the case of those people who haven’t visited you yet but who might be looking out for you in the midst of that vast digital ocean. For starters, you have to ensure that your Twitter handle is as close to your business name as can possibly be, and that you use the keywords that people might be searching for, in the process of finding you.

After all, you might have some pretty captivating content on your profile but what’s the use if nobody out there can even find it, in the first instance?

#7. Do use the Golden Ratio for Social Media where it comes to the content that you post. 

It doesn’t have to be all abut your business, or you’re not going to have followers for very long. Besides, you should make sure that you adhere to the principles of the Golden rule, which are as follows: 30% owned content, 60% curated content and 10% promotional content. When you do this you will come to see that people out there have reason enough to follow you for a long period of time.
You won’t come across as a company that is merely trying to force their product onto their potential customers, and you will also be providing real value to the people who follow you, and thus a reason for the continued following that will only yield you great results in the time to come. The whole point here is, you have to be interesting just about every time you tweet, and that is why you have to have just the right mix of content to provide people out there exactly what they are looking for!

#8. Do plug in to tweet chats. 

Tweet chats are a really great way to keep up to date with all the latest happenings in your industry, and you will find that the bonus here is that when you participate in them you will usually end up with a larger following. Tweet chats are nothing but scheduled and moderated chats between a specific group of Twitter participants and you will find that you might be able to network to an extent you never even dreamed you were capable of, within those very chats. It’s a really fun, informal way of getting to know people, learning something from them and perhaps even helping them in the process.
Besides, you will in all probability foster connections therein; connections that will probably last for a long time to come. So, make sure you participate in those chats and keep your Twitter experience interesting. Besides, it’s a really great way to learn brand new things each day of your life!

#9. Do shorten those links. 

As part of that Twitter marketing campaign of yours you will be accost to posting a lot of links to some rather interesting content out there, but what you need to know is that sometimes you can make a complete mess of things by posting inordinately long links that are not all that easy to read and very confusing indeed for the person who might be reading them.
What you need to do here to avert this problem is to use a bit.ly account. This will help you considerably shorten the links that you post, making for a far better viewing experience as far as your target audience is concerned. Another really great part about using a bit.ly account is the fact that it is entirely free.

#10. Be  A candid.

All right, you’re not desperately trying to sell yourself out there and that is most certainly a good thing, but it does help to be candid on those rare occasions when you are indeed pitching your product out there. Take M&M’s campaign, for instance. They released a mock movie trailer that actually told people that it was but a reminder to eat more M&M’s. In fact, this promoted video they released on YouTube went live just a few days before the Oscars, but it was far more entertaining and effective than the tweets dished out by the brand in the midst of the Oscar awards.
What you need to learn from this is the fact that you really don’t need to pretend or perhaps even try too hard, when it comes to promoting your brand out there. Just be yourself and you will find that you will make a far greater impression in the process. In fact, the brand released this message with the video: ‘We’re still waiting on our Oscar nomination on this. Must be lost in the mail. – The M&M’s Crew’. That only makes it look all the more candid now, doesn’t it?

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