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The Top 10 Things To Avoid In Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Now that we have seen all the savvy ways in which to engineer that Twitter marketing campaign of ours, let’s take a look at all the things we need to refrain from doing, in order to ensure that we avoid any pitfalls along the way that might blemish our campaign in the slightest.
Let’s take a look at these things so that we know what there isn’t to do as well, when spearheading that Twitter marketing campaign of ours.

The Top 10 Things To Avoid In Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

The Top 10 Things not to do in your Twitter Marketing campaign

#1. Don’t leave any profile space empty.

We have already discussed the importance of creating a stellar profile by having a great profile picture and a real snazzy description, but you should maximize the potential of using Twitter by making sure that no space in your profile is empty.
So, make sure you have a good header image as well – one that is relevant to your brand image, of course; one that reflects the ethos of your company. It’s really unprofessional, on the other hand, to leave that space empty – take your own sweet time but find the right image that works well, and then use it to your advantage.

#2. Don’t use too many hashtags.

You’re really trying your best to get as many followers out there as you possibly can, right? Well, don’t ever make the mistake of using too many hashtags in your sentences or you might just find that you start losing followers instead of gaining them, in the process.
You will come to see that you can do very well if you use just a couple of hashtags, that you can repeat time and over again. When you do this you will find that your followers will in turn come to use these hashtags more and more, which might just lead to you trending in the process!

#3. Don’t try and create a connection that is not there.

There is simply something about creating a connection that comes naturally when you tweet, which leads to your tweets being recognized in a way like no other. When you try and force a connection that isn’t quite there, however, you will find that it doesn’t quite have the desired effect. Case being in point Pizza Hut’s #AllDressedUpWithPizzaToGo campaign, which invited Oscar viewers to share pictures of them all decked up with a pizza in tow, was something that didn’t quite strike a chord with many out there, simply because there was no real connection there or simply because the connection was ridiculous.
If you really wish to create an impact with your audience then you should focus on connections that are tangible and real. Your very own intuition will tell you when that connect is real, so when you get that feeling make sure you go for it and create a really great connection that will work wonders for your campaign. 

#4. Don’t start a tweet with the @ sign unless it is a direct reply to a person.

Ever so often businesses out there make this most common mistake. The thing is, when you start your tweet with the @ sign then only the person who is mentioned after the sign and his or her followers, will be able to see the tweet. If you really do wish to start the tweet mentioning the person’s name, then you could start your tweet with a period followed by the @ sign and the person’s name.
In that case Twitter will treat the Tweet as an ordinary tweet and all your followers will now be able to see this tweet, including the person you have mentioned in the beginning of it, of course. When you refrain from making this silly mistake you can reach so many people that you would have otherwise missed.

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#5. Don’t merely recycle tweets over and over again.

It might be very tempting to keep rehashing all the brilliant tweets that you see out there in the Twittersphere on your very own platform, but you might wish to refrain from doing this over and over gain.
The very way you’re going to be noticed out there on Twitter in a big way, is by curating your very own unique content, and if you still feel that you have simply run out of ideas then the best possible thing you could do is to put a unique spin to the tweets that have worked well for you in the past, and then send them out there again.
You will come to see that you can add an image to the things you have tweeted before, or perhaps elaborate on the same in order to present the very same old story that worked brilliantly for you in the past, in a refreshingly different way!

#6. Don’t let just about anyone in your company represent your brand on Twitter.

Okay, so you wish to encourage all your employees to use Twitter because you feel it is in their best interests as well as the best interests of your company. However, this might present its own set of difficulties, as you have no control over what people out there might be saying. They might say things related to their personal life that might not make your company end up looking pretty at all.
For instance, an employee tweeting about the vast number of cigarettes he or she consumed on a Saturday night is not only irrelevant but also highly damaging to the company’s reputation.
So, make sure that the people way! representing your brand on Twitter are responsible people who will only say things related to the best interests of your company, in the Twitter-sphere. 
In that way you will maintain your reputation over time and also ensure that only the best possible information is dished out there to your followers over the course of time on a consistent basis.

#7. Don’t protect your account.

You need to ensure that you refrain from making this most stupid mistake that can only end up in depriving you of a lot of attention out there. The thing is, when you protect your tweets you are ensuring that only your approved followers can see your tweets. That means nobody else out there in the Twitter-sphere can see your tweets (and there’s considerably lot more people in the Twitter-sphere besides your very own pack of followers) .
You clearly don’t wish to lose out on the fact that they can have access to your tweets as well, because when they do there is a much greater chance that they might become your followers as well. Besides, when you protect your account your tweets cannot be retweeted or favorited, and that does absolutely nothing to serve your cause of garnering as much attention as possible.

#8. Don’t follow just about everyone.

In your haste to get as many followers as you possibly can you might make the big mistake of following every single account you see out there, in the hope that they will follow you back. What you need to understand is this: many of the accounts that you are following blindly are either fake or spam, and it won’t do you any good to follow them. Instead, follow the accounts that can make a difference to your business by helping you form valuable connections, or simply those accounts that can help you learn important things over the course of time.
The idea is to create sustained relationships with accounts that can really add value to your business, instead of following accounts that you cannot benefit from in any possible way. Don’t think quantity in terms of your connections out there: think quality!

#9. Don’t make the mistake of not showing your appreciation to those who retweet your content.

There will be many people out there who will retweet you every once in awhile and you have to make it a point to return the favor by retweeting them in turn or by at least thanking them for having so graciously retweeted you.
Of course, when there are so many people out there who are retweeting you on a regular basis you will find it near impossible to thank each and every person who has retweeted you, and that too for every single time they retweet you. That is why it is practical to return the favor by retweeting their content every now and then as well.
There will be several times when you find that some of their tweets resonate strongly with the brand image you are portraying out there, and the process of retweeting their content will be beneficial to you as well as them. Besides, it will only help to ensure that those people out there remain loyal to you for a very long time to come, when you show your appreciation for all they have done for you!

#10. Don’t allow your tweets to be any more than 140 characters.

140 characters might not seem very much where it comes to saying what’s on your mind in the form of a tweet in the Twittersphere, but believe it or not, it’s really a lot more than you think. You will find that you can say just abut anything you want t say in 140 characters, and the fallacy of writing any more lies in the fact that you will only come across as saying something incomplete, when you do. Also, your sentences might end up grammatically incorrect in the process and that is something you most certainly don’t want.

You have to ensure that you stick to the 140 characters allotted to you, and you will see that you get better at it over the course Of time. Besides, people like concise bits of information and hence it is always best to stick to that lone tweet that will help you express everything you wish to say, in the best possible manner.

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