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Beginner's Guide To Success On Etsy : SEO Tutorial

The best SEO Practice To Successfully Launch Your business on Etsy.

The best SEO Practice To Successfully Launch Your business on Etsy.

First of all make sure to read Beginner's Guide To Success On Etsy Part 1 where i talked about the basic tips and tricks for newcomers and then check out Part 2 and find out everything about managing income and expenses on Etsy .  Now in this article we will see the best SEO practice to successfully launch your shirt business on Etsy.

Although the Etsy search is just one way for shoppers to find your stellar t-shirts, it's a popular source of traffic for many thriving clothing shops. Because of the importance of the site's search engine, you need to completely understand the best ways to gain relevancy in Etsy so that you can make a substantial profit on your sales. Do you know how to create a title and tags that generate much interest from shoppers? How about an extremely compelling description of your t-shirts that will urge many shoppers to buy your product now? Our e-book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to ranking high in Etsy search results so that you can successfully launch your t-shirt business today!



How to be Relevant for the Etsy Search

There are many ways to be relevant in the search results, but the short version is that the exact keyword phrase needs to be in your title and tags. Here are some additional ways to gain relevancy.


Most Common Factors in the Relevancy Search

Listing Publish/Renewal/Expiration Time: A listing that has been published or renewed in the last hour will rank higher than older listings with the same exact phrase. On the other hand, if a listing is about to expire, it's possible that the t-shirt can rise in the search results.
Title Word Placement: When you move some of the phrases around in the title, your relevancy ranking can be drastically impacted. The most important phrase should be at the beginning of the title to attract customers.
Custom Variations Texts: In early 2017, Etsy announced that the attributes and custom variation texts will be searchable. The amount of weight that these texts will be given in search results is unknown at this time.
Diverse Products: When there are many t-shirt shops with the same keyword phrase on multiple items, Etsy has been known to limit the shop from having too many listings that rank on the first page of the search results.

New Shops Priority: Although it's often hard to prove, new shops may receive a little help from Etsy to rank higher in search results within a few months of operation. Factors that are NOT Relevant in the Relevancy Search
As of today, search relevancy is not determined by any of these factors:

● Product descriptions
● Quantity of listings
● Product's materials
● Writing a phrase in a tag or title more than once
● Proper or improper punctuation in the shop's descriptions, title, tags, etc.



When we talk about "keywords" in this detailed ebook, we are simply referring to the common phrases that shoppers type into a search engine. So what's a great keyword?
Since Etsy does not release information about the most popular phrases, the only way to find out relevant keywords for your t-shirt shop is to research what shoppers have searched for in the past. While it's unlikely that you'll find all of the search terms associated with your specific t-shirts, you can determine many relevant keywords. Simply start by inputting a couple of general descriptions of your t-shirts into the Etsy search engine. The suggestions that pop up should give you a general idea of popular keyword phrases for the targeted t-shirt.
Taking into account important t-shirt characteristics like style, design, material, themes, and occasions, you can continue to play with the recommended keywords from the search engine. A technique you can use to broaden your search results is to write a keyword followed by only one letter. During your search, try not to pay much attention to similar keywords that other sellers have used as the phrases may not be ones that are searched the most by shoppers.

Whenever you perform intensive research on certain keywords that are related to your t-shirts, consider keeping a record so that the phrases will be readily available for a similar listing that you create down the road.



Beginner's Guide To Success On Etsy : SEO Tutorial

Consider using programs like Marmalead or Etsy Rank to rank higher in searches. By comparing similar product listings on Etsy, these programs can help you determine a competitive t-shirt price, create captivating titles, write appropriate tags, identify common keyword phrases, and so much more. For instance, after typing in a relevant t-shirt keyword phrase in the program’s search engine, you will be presented with a number of different listings that have used the same phrase. These listings will show all of the keywords that was used to create their titles and tags. Although you should never copy another seller’s title or tag verbatim, you can gain many ideas that could be used
to create your own unique t-shirt listing.
Along with using these programs to brainstorm attractive keywords, these platforms are also great for helping you to determine a competitive price for your awesome t-shirts. One way to ensure that the price of your t-shirts are competitive is to find the two highest costs of similar items on the program and then set a price that is the average of those costs if you can handle the margins. If you want a quality and comprehensive program, consider paying $20 a month for Marmalead. While Etsy Rank doesn't have as many bells and whistles as Marmalead, it's a great free program if you are on a budget.

On-Page SEO For Etsy Shop



A great banner is unique, polished, and captivating. The banner should display the name of your shop and some of your t-shirts if possible. To ensure that you attract shoppers immediately, you should create a banner with a vivid background, an attention-grabbing theme, and eye-catching colors. After creating your shop’s banner, share the image with friends and ask them what they think before uploading it on Etsy.



The best shops have a logo that matches the banner and quickly captures the shoppers' attention. Just remember that the logo should be a representation of you and the quality of shirts that you are selling. Make sure that your logo truly "pops!"



The "about" section is a place where you can inform your potential customers about yourself and your brand. This is the perfect place to introduce yourself and describe your interests. As a phenomenal t-shirt seller, you should also include a shop owner photo to make your profile more personable. The overall goal of the about section and the profile picture is create a shop that is relatable to the consumer. Not only does the about section showcase the inspiration for your shop and your unique talents, it can also positively contribute to your relevancy ranking on Etsy when it's filled
out completely. Don't make the big mistake of leaving this section empty. The section may be one of the easiest texts that you include in your shop.



In order to have excellent relevancy on Etsy, your shop should have at least 50 different t-shirt designs. Keep in mind that variations of the items do not count toward the 50. If you are selling t-shirts, one way to ensure that you have various different designs is to include niches like hockey, billiards, funny holiday, and ugly Christmas t-shirts.



Many top successful Etsy sellers believe that you should use round numbers to price items. Instead of pricing a t-shirt at $19.99, consider rounding the price to $21.00 and then advertise a storewide promotion where everything is 10 percent off. When shoppers see this sale, they are more likely to buy your t-shirts. The best part is that you'll make the same amount of money that you did when your t-shirts were $19.99.
To set up a discount, start at the Etsy shop manager page and then click on the “marketing” tab on the left hand side of the screen. On the next screen, select the “sales and coupons” tab. If you want to set up a new sale such as the 10 percent off discount, click on the orange “new offer” button on the upper right hand side of the screen. Once the new box pops up, click on run a sale and then press create. Simply follow the remaining prompts to create the sale. For example, you can select 10 percent off from the drop down menu and require an order total of $30 or whatever amount you choose.
The final steps are to set a sale start and end date, determine your terms and conditions, and create a name for your discount. Press the “create” button when you have finished filling out the information for your sale.
Many shoppers will also be attracted to your store if you offer a sale that includes free domestic shipping to customers who spend a certain amount of money or higher. Just remember that free shipping should not apply to international orders because you actually want to make a profit on your sales, right?
Along with using round numbers to price the t-shirts and running great promotions, these Etsy experts recommend shop owners to keep like items at a similar price. For instance, if you are selling the same types of t-shirts, price these items the same to keep your shop uniform. The same is true if you were to sell many of the same kinds of sweaters. The price of the sweaters should all be in the same price range.



A great way to improve SEO is to properly utilize the "items section" in your shop. For example, if you are selling clothing, use this section to categorize the items with titles such as hoodies, shirts, tanks, and anything else that you are selling. Because the item section carries much SEO weight, the tabs should accurately reflect what shoppers are putting into search boxes.



Importance of Awesome Titles
A captivating title should never be underestimated since its main goal is to prompt customers to click on your items. The title should always be created before writing the tags.

Creating the Title Specific Guidelines

Word Placement: The most important keywords should be at the beginning of your title. Other necessary words should come after the main keyword phrase. In many cases, the first few words of a title is all that shoppers see when they shop, so ensuring that important phrases are at the beginning of the title could entice a customer to click on your t-shirt.

Avoid Filler Language: Any words that do not entice a buyer to click on your product can be categorized as filler content. If you must add these such words, place them toward the end of the title. Additionally, avoid keyword stuffing. There is really no reason to include similar phrases over and over again in a title. Not only does keyword stuffing makes a title look unprofessional, Google may view your t-shirt listing as spam.

Break Up Phrases: In order to create a cleaner and more professional-looking title that is so much easier for shoppers to read, break up keyword phrases by adding useful punctuation like forward slashes, vertical bars, or hyphens. The vertical bars will appear by holding down shift and then pressing the backslash key. The SEO will not be affected when you incorporate any of these cool features in your title.

Length Matters: In general, the title of a t-shirt listing should be short and sweet. Titles that are extremely long are not particularly favorable by Google. Capitalize Each Word: The first letter of each word in a title should always be capitalized. No excuses.

Place the Title in Details: The title of the item should also be placed in the "details" or “description” section so that people can find the shirt easily from a simple Google search.



Importance of Useful Tags

When you properly create useful tags, your t-shirts will be relevant for many searches. As you create your tags, remember that the ultimate goal of excellent SEO is to rank high in a variety of searches.

Creating the Tags Specific Guidelines

Include Main Keyword Phrase: If you want to have relevancy in Etsy, you need to place the main keyword phrase in both the title and the tags. Don't forget that the words within the phrase must be in the exact same order as the title.

Watch the Character Count: Make sure that the words in your tag are 20 characters or less per Etsy's guidelines. If you are having trouble fitting a long phrase on a tag, consider using the singular version of a word. For instance, instead of using "blue soccer mom t-shirts," write "blue soccer mom t-shirt." For SEO purposes, the singular form will generate the same results as the plural form.

Avoid Using Your Shop Name: Unless you have multiple shops or someone else also has your shop name, you don't need to include your exact shop name on your tags. If no one else has the exact name of your brand, Etsy will automatically direct potential customers to your shop. However, you may want to consider using alternative versions of your shop name in a couple of tags. In general though, it's a wise idea to not waste too many of your tags on the name of your brand as many potential customers don't even know your shop exists. Spend time creating tags with popular phrases that the
average consumer will type in Google.



Importance of an Enticing Description

While Etsy does not use the description to rank the products on their site, most popular search engines like Google will read the text for relevancy. As a result, you need to create a description that reads naturally, includes some alternative key words, and provides the potential buyer with many product details.

Writing the Product Description Specific Guidelines

Use Some Title Words: Some of the words in your title should be in the product description, but the phrase should not be repeated verbatim.

Leverage Synonyms: Instead of repeating many of the words in your title and tags, ensure that Google stays on your good side by incorporating related words and synonyms in your t-shirt descriptions. These synonyms will ultimately increase your rank in search results.

Write Specific Details: The product description should be thoroughly written as though there are no photos posted. In other words, make sure that you include as many details as possible in the description including the product's measurements, features, and other related details. The first few lines of the text are particularly important as this is the part of the description that will appear on Google. Those key lines must be extremely interesting so that potential customers will click on the link.

Include An Inside Link: There is some ranking value associated with placing a link inside the product description. The link can take the customer to a similar t-shirt or a related section in your shop. To avoid confusing the customer, try not to add too many links in the text.

Create Unique Content: For the best ranking on Google, the content that you create for the product description should be completely unique. The text should only mentioned important t-shirt details that are not found anywhere else in your shop.



In the early part of 2017, Etsy announced that certain attributes may be searchable on their site. These item-specific attributes may include t-shirt size, length, supplies, color, occasion, and more. We do not know exactly how much the attributes and variations will affect your rank, but you can still try to incorporate these features into your listing when necessary. Even though using a specific attribute like “holiday” will not guarantee that your t-shirt will rank in search results, if the shopper filers the items by occasion when trying to find a jazzy holiday t-shirt, your product could appear in the search results. As with the titles and the tags, it’s extremely difficult to make all of your t-shirts appear in
every single search result. As a result, try a strategic approach when including attributes in your t-shirt listing.


Running .10 cents cost per a click ads on Etsy can help you quickly drive sells to your
t-shirt shop. To set up shop promoted listings, start at the shop manager page and click
on the manage button on the far right hand corner of the screen. When the box appears, set your daily budget to $5. Next click on "advanced settings" at the bottom on the box. In the next box, scroll to the bottom and set your max cost per a click at .10 cents.


Did you follow the guidelines and recommendations in this checklist perfectly? Are you seeing any results from your changes? Here are some recommended methods to monitor your progress.

Wait for Results Patiently: As a general rule, the changes that you made to your listing may take a few days to take effect. Most keyword phrases are not something that shoppers search for each day, so it’s unlikely that you will see an increased relevancy from clicks.

Review Your Etsy Shop Stats: If you want to know if your t-shirt listing is generating new traffic, refer to your Etsy shop stats. While you shouldn't necessarily expect to see the listings with your new keyword phrases being click on each day, you should notice an overall increase of shoppers checking out your t-shirt shop.

Check Out Relevancy on Large Searches: Monitor your relevancy on large search engines like Google, but don't beat yourself up if your t-shirt listing is only on page 17 or page 32.

After a few weeks of monitoring your listings, you should notice more search hits. If this isn’t the case, don’t be afraid to play with your current keyword phrases again to actually rank in search results in the future.

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