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CPA Marketing For Beginners : Step By Step Guide

 what is CPA marketing all about


The Internet: Why Use it for Business? Tips and Tricks


As to start with ! The one thing which is very important to make money online is “Focus” . Many people start with CPA but they end in affiliate marketing . That’s not the way to make some decent income online . You have to stick to that one thing which you think you can do , and make that
happen . As my Internet Marketing journey started way back in 2012 , with no money in pocket , with just hope to make some decent income , I lurked here and there for information .

Days passed , months passed I could not find that information that I am looking for , but I did not give up . Then i step back and think for a second , why I have not earned a single dollar since many other marketers are making killing , I don’t have dreams and hopes to make millions but I want to earn decent amount so that I can quit my job and travel a bit . Since then I got my answer , I was
jumping from one method to another , from affiliate marketing to shopify to blogging to SEO , You name it I have done it ! Then one day , I started searching more and found About CPA Marketing . How cool is that , if I gave potential customers email to the company , they will pay me anywhere from $2.50 to $12 . And yeah! Without selling anything .
Well ! that blow my mind . I immediately made my mind to do CPA and learn about it no matter what ! And here I am today Earning well over 4 figs in profit in CPA only . What I do , is never give up learning . So , Do whatever it takes to succeed . In the end all dots will meet and you will be given success in return.

how to start cpa marketing

Now , why to start with CPA .
1. Low investment needed (you can start free too )
2. Automated business
3. High payouts
4. High return on investment
5. Less risk
Now , to start with I am going to show you step by step , on how to choose offers , how to generate traffic and how to convert them .

Step 1:
Sign up to the affiliate network :
I highly recommend using signing up to peerfly . They pay on time and they have tons of Offers to choose from . They are the best network and they accept on following terms:
1. Be genuine –

They do not like people who are black-haters or do spam stuff . So tell them who you are and what you do.
2. Traffic source-

 When they ask about your traffic source, Do not say spamming or follow , unfollow or any method . Be realistic on your traffic source .
3. Documents –

 Provide all your documents the real one . They want to know if you are real person or not . Do it , as
you will be approved for sure . Now , once you have the network setup it’s time to choose the best offer to promote . Let’s dive into next step.

Step 2
Choosing the right offer : Now , this is the most important part . Your offer will decide, if you will make money or not . To start with, I highly recommend Adult industry as of following reasons :

This industry is evergreen , no matter what , there always will be fresh people coming in , which means more people to sign up to your offers.
2. High payouts-

Most adult offers start with $2.50 payouts , which is quite high from the email submits or CPI. So minimal work but high returns.
3. Easy to convert -

We all lads know , how easy is for any youngster to sign up to a site that have beautiful girls
on them . And we are very well aware from the term “sex sells” . So why not , put energy on something that will work and provide passive results with minimal work .

So for choosing the offer, Hop into to your peerfly dashboard and look for offers that have decent
payouts.Just Click on browse offer and choose adult , many offers will pop up. Another way you can do is , type the keywords like “date” “chats” “Adult” to the search bar and see which offers pop up.

Look for the offers that have US/Ca/Nz/Uk/Au/Ireland included in them . That’s the country you want to go for as they have high payouts. Once you got the offers pop up, click on the where it says “41 more results” you will get all the related offers . Now , go through the offers and find that you will promote right away .

Means no Locked offers which needs approval. And that allow “social traffic “ as we will focus on social traffic only. Above I have found this offers which pays well and is not locked .

This offers complete our 3 reasons on why to choose this offer:
● Good payout
● Just one page submission
● Multi country targeting

Always look for these 3 things to choose the best offers . Choose 2-3 offers . And grab your affiliate link. Now let’s dive in to step 3 on how to generate traffic.

Step 3
Now in this traffic generation module , very important lesson. I am going to show you how to leverage Social media to send huge amounts of traffic to your affiliate offers for free and convert them . I will show you 3 methods . Choose the one which you are comfortable with.

Method 1 : Earn money with CPA Marketing and Facebook Profile

For this method to work you will need a beautiful girl account . If you have one go ahead and use that , but I recommend do not use your personal account . Built a new one for this method .
➢ Create a new email account for this account only . do not use same email for 2 accounts . Later I will tell you a source where you can buy aged verified accounts for pennies , so stay tuned
➢ Do not use more than 5 accounts for the same IP. You can use this service if you want to use more accounts . hidemyass

➢ Create a female fb account with real information. Makeup from google .

➢ Use real photos of girls . You can pick photos from forums /sites/Instagram. Try to post at least 10 photos and do the cover page as well.
➢ Do not choose nudes .
 ➢ Make sure you choose best photo for the profile . As it
will attract more people.
➢Enable followers in the account setting page .
➢Verify your account with the phone . Do not use 1 number for 2 accounts . Instead use a service and get the numbers for verification. textnow
➢ Simply create a account on text now and get your virtual number . Verify facebook from this number only. Now if you don’t have accounts or you want fast result . Get them from this website . Very reliable.

Try to get 5 + accounts.

Now , once you have got your account ready all you need to do is built your following and friends . As fast as you can gain some friends and following it will be easy for you to
make money .

How to grow your account :

Now , There are few ways you can grow your account fast .
1. Send friends request to the guys only . Do not waste your time accepting request of women , as they will not fill your offer.
2. Send at least 10-20 requests a day . Do not exceed it . Accept friend request of the following countries only . As they are top tier and have high payouts.. Uk /US /CA /Au /Nz /Ireland /Italy /Denmark/ Sweden /Finland /Netherlands. Do not waste your account space , accepting people other than these countries .
3. Join some male focused groups like bodybuilding , fitness , travel, cars , football, other stuff where men are more active . Be active on this groups . Be nice and interact with people . You will start getting some request immediately.
4. Find and like the page of dating sites . Pages that are focused on girls photos will work . Their audience is what you need – Young people who will fill your offer. Like the posts , comments on some . Be genuine as possible . The more you do , the more you get exposure .
5. Join free dating website . some sites are free to join for female members . Just google them , tons of website that will pop up. Join them and put your fb account link in description.

6. Use forums , to gain following fast . Try to interact with their audience , be nice to them , answer some questions . Make sure to put your facebook account link in Signature.
7. Think out of box , where you can go , to get huge youngster followings . Be creative with this . More ways you find . More money you make . Now , once you have account setup and you have good following of at least 1000+ , Now it’s time to monetize your account . Grab your affiliate link from cpa network . Try to use redirect links . Do not post nude links. Always mask them . 

There are 2 ways you can do this . One get your domain . Later I will tell you source where you can get it for cents or if you are on budget use services like bitly. Always mask you link . And post the bitly link in profile . Now , one you have 1 account , its time to multiply your income not effort. Use an automation bot. I highly recommend Facedominator.  They have best support and reliable pricing. Starts at just 14 bucks/mnth. Load your accounts on bot and enjoy automated earnings while you chill. 

Method 2 : Earn money with CPA Marketing And The facebook Group 

This is the second method where you can milk facebook for conversions. Follow the steps below:

1. Create 10 facebook accounts with attractive pictures

2. Send requests to 100+Usa males .

3. You will get 50-60 friends daily.

4. Now create a dating facebook group with your one of the accounts and ask them to join the group .
5. If you get 5 accounts and get 50 friends , you will get 250 fresh leads for your offers . Do not spam them .

Be real, As this is long term game. More followers you got , more
money you make . Now , this is the facebook methods .Try to go through them again . do not skip a word

Method 3 : Earn money with CPA Marketing And Instagram 

For this method to work , you will need a new Instagram account . Again you can buy from the source I mentioned above or you can make it yourself. Instagram is easy as compared to Facebook . It’s easy to start , and easy to manage. You can choose either one attractive girl account . For this
you will need pictures of the same girl to post or you can start with “daily hot photos””hot pics””babes” something bit random .
I suggest go this route , so that you can post any random photo. Upload at least 10+ photos , so that
your followers will get idea , what type of content they can expect.

Start getting some followers :
There are few ways you can do this . This is very important part of method . Quality of you followers will determine the amount you will earn . So be sure to read each step carefully.

Follow for follow: This is one of the easiest way to get started for this method. So , for this method go to the search bar of the Instagram . Search for the keywords like “hot pics” “babes” “sexy” instahot” etc etc. You will get many pages that are related to your niche .

Look at above account. Exactly the audience you need .
PRO TIP: To find more related pages , just click on the arrow that is pointing downwards . You will get all related pages . Just go to the followers sections and start following them . do not follow more than 100 people a day . Keep your account safe .

60% people will follow you back for sure . So try to get your account ready , prior of following anyone . Make sure you post at least twice a day to keep your audience engaged .

Buy shoutouts:

Now , this is for the people who want fast results and have a budget of 50$ to spend on shouts . In this method , the pages that have huge following provide a sponsored post with your account to follow in the bio. This can be done with medium to high range of followers . Some points to
consider while choosing an account to promote your account :

★Check their stats: this is very important check their followers stats. Many people will come up with bots that have fake following. To know if the account have real fans. Just jump over the
Socialblade and check the Instagram on their menu . Grab the url of the influencer profile and put into the socialblade

They will tell you exactly , how many followers they have , how they have gained them , in what time frame etc etc. You always have to look for accounts that have organic growth. IF you see huge spike suddenly , then surely the account is fake . So , leave that account and look for another account .
★ Always check their engagements rates : This is very important too. The following does not matter , there is no point of advertising to million followers page ,as their engagement rate is just 1%. You have to look for at least 10% engagement rates . Means if the account have 10k followers , they must have 1000+ likes on their recent photos.
Try to look at their previous posts, how well they have performed . Try to look at the comments too. Genuine users do comment some good lines , they do not comment words like wow, awesome, nice post , follow me etc etc. If they have these comments , it is for sure they have part of some engagement groups . Do not use these type of accounts .

★Another way to get shout-outs is using marketplace like Shoutcart.com They have tons of
influencers with their engagement rates . Find the one whom you find good at reasonable rates .

★Now , once you have account ready , you want to contact the user via DM . Most of the times they have their contact info available in their bio. They have their emails or KIK .Whatever they prefer . Be sure to contact them with that platform only.

★Now , once you have checked all the things , got the space . Now it's time to create a sponsored post . I use free tool Canva Its very easy to use . Drag and drop . Be sure to play with colors . Use your best shots for this . If you find it little hard , hire someone off fiverr. But make this attractive as much as you can .

Make money with your account :

Now , once you have your account ready , and you have at least 5000 followers , it's time to monetize your account . Now , grab your affiliate link and put it in your bio . Be sure to mask it with your domain redirect or bitly . Make profile look legit . Write something like “more photo here (your aff link “ “ Download from the site” “More sexy pics , Click the link below” “Wanna meet hot babes (click here “ Something like this . I am sure you will get tons of clicks.
Now , as soon as you start getting conversions , it's time to multiply it with bots without any hard work . I personally use Jarvee They are reliable and have great features . Pricing is also cheap . Now , plug your accounts in the bot and start gaining more and more followers . And reaped exact same process with the each account . More accounts you make , more money you will earn .

Now you have mastered 2 social media platforms , that have boatloads of people who can convert for your offer . Let's dive in how to get the domain and create a simple landing page .

Get a cheap domain :

Always try to get the domain like bigboobs.me , xxxme.me like that . Which are very cheap . Now head over to the namecheap and plug in your keywords . IF you don’t found your primary keyword , don’t freak out , just do it with another keyword . Or change the suffix or prefix . Play with them , and I am ure you will get tons of domain ideas .

For just  0.88 cents /year  you can get a domain name . Now once you got the domain. It's
time to get the hosting . Choose any reliable one . It starts at $10/pm . You can add 1000+ domains in your host . Now , update your name servers and give the host 10-20 minutes to update .
Now , it's time to create a simple landing page . I use canva .Be sure to make it attractive enough , so that end user will click it and fill your offer .
Follow the video to upload your landing page In your host .

How To Upload Your Landing Page & Other PHP Files To Your Hosting

Once you have done this . Paste your domain onto your profile . Now you have got all things ready to make some money off adult offers . Don’t afraid to put these methods for any normal cpa offers . The steps remains the same .
See this : Account uses exact same process .

They have CPA offer in their bio link and account look legit too. Pro Tip : Use instagarm method for the twitter too ! Now , go ahead and take action .

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