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Create a Passive Income Using Facebook and Ebay

Create a Passive Income Using Facebook and Ebay

this guide will show you how to set up a system that should bring you passive income from Ebay using Facebook pages. if you don't have, or cannot sign up for, an eBay partner network account, that's ok – I'll cover some alternatives later.
one Facebook page has brought in around £4000  and i haven't touched the page since setting it up! true passive income. it literally took 30 minutes to setup.

 How To Make Money Online Using  Facebook And Ebay

this system is not going to make you rich overnight, but it is hands off passive income. so, basically we are going to be setting up Facebook pages, and have the content automatically posted from eBay. the content will have our eBay affiliate link embedded because we're going to use the eBay affiliate RSS.
I originally released this method in late 2015. at the time, i included all kinds of ways to use this method. recently the service i used to post to Facebook closed down, so i updated this guide to use a new service. since re-launching, i noticed some buyers were focussing on some of the additional ideas, so i've rewritten this to concentrate on the core method which is the one i've had most success with. that's not to say the other methods don't work, but i'd like you to have best success possible, so i'll show you the core first. we'll cover other ways to implement this method later.

The core method just creating a Facebook page and spamming affiliate links with no planning is no
good. the reason this system works so well is because we are creating pages for users looking for a specific thing. It's kind of like a Facebook monitoring system for eBay listings – say you are looking
for a new camper-van  on eBay, instead of checking eBay every day, the latest listings pop up right there on your eBay page.
have you seen Facebook groups like these: for sale in (your town)? this is the  almost  system we use, but instead of users posting the items for sale, we are feeding them from eBay.

I'll let you in on a secret on how i came up with this system (this is why it works so well!)....
i was looking for a boat. so instead of trawling through eBay every day, i wanted to set up a system where the newest listings appeared on my Facebook timeline almost as soon as they were listed.
i could keep up to date with the latest listings in Facebook even if i forgot to check eBay and as it was public on Facebook (and call it shrewd forward thinking), i included my affiliate link in case other people saw the page and clicked on links. so i set up the page and noticed other people were liking the page.
It took a while but i was getting organic likes from Facebook – i never promoted  the page at all – people must have been searching for the same thing. to this day i have never promoted the page and it brings me some income. This page now makes on average £145 per month. Best month so far  it made a whopping £450!! not bad for a one time setup.

Now – i used to think i'd made a mistake in the approach i made: boats are high ticket items which means most people buy outside of eBay. Some are $10,000 to $50,000 so usually sellers only take a deposit and the rest of the transaction is handled outside ebay or completely handled outside eBay.
so now you're thinking – how do i get commission if their not buying what i'm posting?

But i was getting click-throughs and commission simply because they loved seeing other peoples boats, were curious, and a percentage ended up buying something on eBay (with my cookie set, i would get commission and to be fair – as an affiliate for eBay, it's your job to bring traffic to the site).
And even though i set this page up years ago, i  still get curious when my own page posts up a boat i like the look of and i can't help clicking through to eBay to check out some pictures and details of the boat that's been posted. i'm not even looking for another boat.

that's the core method

You need to research and find a niche where the community is so passionate about it that they want to actively keep an eye on what is selling out there. Let's be honest, this is a really easy to set up system.
once you've set it up, you'll never have to do it again.
It will continue to bring you income for months and possibly years to come, but you have to put the research in to put it in place. there's only so much i can cover in this guide. I've shown you what the method is. I've shown you why it works. it's now up to you to find that niche. If you are struggling, think about my niche: boats. I don't think i've cornered the market there. there are many kinds of boats... and lots of regions to target.

How To Find Your Niche :

We can have a look at eBay's items in demand here:


Google trends is sometimes handy:


Amazon top sellers: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers/zgbs

So, to give an example of searching for a niche:

Give google a spin for ideas;

Just looking at the Wikipedia list, I picked 'Film Memorabilia'. Seems like an interesting niche. I suppose collectors always want to see what others are selling and maybe add more to the collection. With this niche, there's also a good chance customers will actually buy the posted items. Maybe research this niche a bit further. How about movie props? That would be a cool page.

To be fair, I'd probably be quite keen on setting up a page for this, but I'll leave this one for you.
Use your imagination! There are plenty of ideas out there if you look. Think of your own interests. That's exactly what I'm going to use here to teach you this method.

I love boats. They are expensive to run (this method helps bring in some extra cash to help pay for all the things that add up running a boat – in fact I've just bought some maintenance products using money that eBay sent me using this exact method!) So I'm going to pick Outboard Engines. These can sell from $100 up to several thousand and they tend to be paid through eBay.

Let's set up my Facebook page.

(We're assuming you already have a Facebook account – I mean, your in Internet Marketing after all!)

Log into Facebook and hit the 'Create Page' on the left hand menu under 'Page'.

 set up a Facebook page.

It will ask you what type of page you want to create, I'm going to go ahead and use
Community.  Once you click, fill in the name of your page. I am going to use outboard engines for
Sale uk. (think of keywords – they will be fairly important if you want organic reach).
Remember the purpose of the page! This is key for the method. The page In this example is 'outboard engines for sale in the UK', another example could be 'cheap baby items for sale New York.

You can get super targeted local results when you are setting up the feed for the page. Keep this in mind, as you could have local pages for your own town if you want!

Next, set your category. Just fill in whatever you like here, I tend to just use 'community'. Next, set up your profile picture. I usually google image search for an image of the product I am promoting.

promote ebay with facebook

On the next step, You can add a cover photo – Add a nice cover image. A good ratio
for this is 851x315. Once you have done all that, hit save and that's the page ready!
You could also add a nice cover image. Now the page is ready it's on to step 2...

Setting Up Ebay And Auto Posting

If you're not already a member of the ebay partner network, you will need to join eBay now allow you to sign up without a website, so you can use your new Facebook page to sign up but before you do so, make sure you have some content on your page first. Put up some pictures and posts about your niche. 
Do not put any affiliate links on your page at this stage. You will only need to do this with the
First page you set up . Note: it can take some time to be accepted and it's not as easy as it used to be. If you have trouble getting accepted, you don't have to use EPN – this method can be used with
Other affiliate programs if they have an RSS feed.
You can sign up here: https://partnernetwork.ebay.com/ . Just remember in traffic source to put 'websites only' as we are using Facebook traffic, and to put your Facebook page URL as the domain name. On the business description form, write a description about how you have a Facebook page which is all about your niche. Be as creative as you can with your description. For business model select user generated content then select a category which best reflects your niche.

Just for clarification, some eBay guidelines on using social media.

It may take some time for your account to be made active. Once it is, we'll move on to The next step... If you do have problems signing up, there are alternatives. Near the end of this eBook I cover some alternatives, then you can come back and adapt the system to your needs. The most important part is the Facebook page and the auto posting. Ebay is not necessarily required.

Setting Up Auto Posting : Ebay Rss Feed


 Sign in to your eBay partner network account We are going to setup an RSS feed, so click 'Tools' at the top of the page.

Ebay Rss Feed

Next, click on 'Widgets' then 'RSS Feed' This page is where we set up our feed. First step is to select our 'Program' this is the region we are using. Since I am targeting the UK, I selected 'eBay UK'
Next is 'Feed Type' which you should leave as 'all eBay inventory'. Now we have to assign a campaign name or id. Click the link just under 'create a new campaign' and make a campaign name and description, then hit create.

set up eBay partner network

Then we select our category. You can use 'find categories' to drill down. It's sometimes easier use eBay to search for your product and find the category that way. I used “Home >> Vehicle Parts & Accessories >> Boats Parts & Accessories >> Boat Engines”

Then the critical part – we are using a search keyword, so it's really important we use exactly the right term thats going to bring the right product to our feed. You can use negative terms too. For instance my keyword is 'Outboard Engine' and my search exclusion term was 'parts' (I don't want items where the title is for example “Outboard Engine not working – for parts”)

Tip: go to ebay and run a search for your keywords – that way you will see what listings come up and you will see any “negative” keywords you can use to exclude some listings.

Next, open Advanced settings. This is where we can tweak our results to better match what we want. Really the settings here are up to you, but I usually only target products with a Buy It Now, no auctions, and you can also set up minimum prices (I'll set this for £99).

One thing that is important is to sort by 'Newly Listed Items First' This is so our Facebook page is showing the freshest items. If you are targeting a specific local area, you can use the distance from zip/postcode. This means you can get really local if you want! (Somethings) For Sale in (Your Local
Town). Just remember not to pick a huge area or you will spam your page. Smaller towns work better than cities unless your niche is super targetted or rare.

ebay  Advanced settings

Once you are happy, click generate link. Here you can preview your RSS Feed and get your RSS Url. You can tweak your settings/keywords until your happy. For instance, I went back in and added negative keywords for cover, head and flywheel as some parts were coming up when I only want complete engines.

ebay RSS Feed


Remember, we are setting up a Facebook Page, so we don't want the page to post non-stop. It really depends on your niche, but ideally the maximum posts per day should be between 5 and 10. My best page is set to only post 10 posts a day, but sometimes I push this up to 20, but NEVER more.
People will only unfollow or unlike the page if their timeline is getting SPAMMED by your page.
Also, the Auto RSS feed I'm going to show you next will FAIL if you setup a feed which posts too much.

So how do you control this? It's all in the way you setup your RSS feed above. Use all your filtering criteria when setting up your feed (as above). Keywords, negative keywords, prices etc. Use the
preview and notice how apart the listings are. If you see 5/10/15 over the course of a day, it's probably good to go. Once you are happy with your feed, copy the RSS feed url somewhere (I usually keep notepad open for such things).

Now we need to auto post to Facebook.

There are several services which do this, the one I used to use was TwitterFeed however they have now closed, so this guide has been updated and we are now using IFTTT – If That, Then This.

If This Then That (IFTTT) Tutorial 


How to post an RSS to Twitter and Facebook using IFTTT.com


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So, lets summarize the key points on making your page(s) successful...

1. The page title is crucial – It should be xxx For Sale in xxx (this is how we target BUYERS – people actually looking for what we are selling them.
2. When setting up your feeds, you can get super targeted locally if you like.
3. Don't spam your page – if your rss feed has too many new items per day, you're not optimally targeting.

So now it's up to you if you want to promote your page. You should still get organic likes though search but this takes time. As a start, you can promote your page to family or friends (this is best if, like me, you have a niche based on a hobby. Some of my friends are boaters to, so they will be interested in the page)
One thing not to do: don't buy any likes from Fiverr etc. It's a complete waste of time and only harms your page.Facebook's own promote page advertising is actually really good for starting off your page for a modest fee. I usually find about $10 dollars will kick off a page. I'd definitely recommend this to start a page off.

Note: this system will work with any rss feed! So if you have problems signing up to eBay partner network, you can look for another affiliate program which supplies RSS feeds.. How about this for an idea... Sign up to a travel affiliate which supplies an RSS feed for hotels deals, and set up a page which posts the latest deals! In fact, it's such a good idea, I'm just about to do the exact same!
See, once you start thinking what you can do with Facebook pages and affiliate RSS feeds, you really get excited thinking about the potential!
This is most important When you send somebody to eBay via your affiliate link, it sets a cookie which means that whatever the user ends up buying on eBay while the cookie is set, you will receive the commission. So, the goal is to get the most click-throughs, then it's all a numbers game. The more click-throughs, the more chance somebody will buy something something on eBay.


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