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How Do First Steppers Make Money Online?

The answer to this question is very simple.
Sell! Then sell some more! All the money you make online comes from sales!

How Do First Steppers Make Money Online?

Making Money the New-Fashioned Way

Yes! Whether you’re promoting your own product, specialized service or training, representing the manufacturer or creators of other products, or offering advertising on your site when its traffic and revenue increase, money is made from sales! You must to learn how to sell online – your own products or those from someone else. And how to sell them profitably.

I’ll show you the most popular and effective methods and strategies for making sales now and go into more detail later. Remember: first steps for First Steppers! These methods can get more complicated as you get into them. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the variations, but simply to introduce ways you can use easily to create an income online.
So let’s start with a question.
If sales makes me money on the internet, how do I make sales?
Good question, right? But… this one question has lots of answers.

In the next three articles of this First Steps Training Series, I introduce you to the most popular and workable methods for creating sales on the Internet:
More advanced methods are built on these basic methods you’ll learn in the next few posts. Educating yourself and engaging these in a profitable way, then expanding and leveraging them into a sustainable income places you on a solid and sure path for a strong and successful journey.

Start with two old-fashioned principles: Trust and Value
Before I jump headlong into these three sales methods, I’m going to focus on two old-fashioned principles. Without these in mind, you won’t see the success you desire. You’ll end up with a vacant house, or a cake made only from frosting – all fluff and no stuff! Your success will be hollow and short-lived. Focusing on these two essential principles will create a solid foundation for your first sale and on-going income for the rest of your life.
Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


The internet is an invisible digital environment – a virtual world filled with two numbers – ones and zeros. It’s not physical. You can’t put your hands on it. You can’t physically walk through a door and see a physical product. This environment is packed with unknown elements which are foreign to many people, yet they influence their lives daily.
When you (or your potential customers) walk into an unfamiliar region, they feel fear! Fear of the unknown! Humans fear what they don’t see or don’t understand and their survival mode kicks in. They become apprehensive about being too involved or in too deep. They’ve heard about scams and dangers and unscrupulous businesses that take and give nothing in return. Fear grabs them by the throat and shouts, “Run away! Where’s my comfort zone? Give me the good old days!”
In this day and age, smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops are the digital devices used to interact with people and in the online world. Connecting to the internet for most everything has been absorbed by the younger generation since birth. Older folks who didn’t come out of the womb with a cell-phone in their hand don’t have the experience of young folks and are faced with frustration and distrust. Overcoming this fear of the unknown is a huge challenge for any online marketer.
Unlike a physical coffee shop, shoe store, or grocery store, the structure of the internet doesn’t lend itself to building confidence and trust. With a “brick and mortar” business, customer trust is built by walking through the door, viewing the products, and by interacting face-to-face with Edna the Waitress you know from church and Ronny the Manager who lives down the block. Trust is further built after time, through customer service and the tangible atmosphere of the space, from product quality, and other tried and true business elements. Customers walk away feeling satisfied because they received value in exchange for their money.

The opposite is also true.
When a customer’s experience is not good, confidence and trust is diminished or permanently destroyed.
“Run away! Stay away! I need a hot cup o’ java from Edna!”
New-fashioned online businesses must instill confidence and trust the same old-fashioned way but with different methods by…

• Building relationships.
• Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere,
• Using clear and understandable communication,
• Developing personal engagement and effective contact, and
• Delivering value to the marketplace.

Value to the Marketplace

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, teacher and millionaire, says it clearly: “We get paid to bring value to the marketplace. It takes time… but we don’t get paid for our time, we get paid for our value.”
I spoke with a local Thai businessman about bringing value to his marketplace. He liked the concept, but felt he lacked anything of value to offer.
What he offered might have been valuable, but a million other Thais also offered it! His competition was overwhelming because his customers could find the same services in so many other places. The truth of the matter? He struggled against a saturated market.
It’s Economics 101!
When supply is greater than the demand, the price goes down. When demand exceeds supply, the price goes up. A person may have skills, knowledge, and abilities, but because they are shared by so many others, there’s no unique, individual, or personal value to the marketplace! Take the time to develop yourself and discover what value you can offer. You must study and learn. You must focus on achieving proficiency in certain abilities, tools, and skills to improve the value you bring to the marketplace.
That’s what I did! I started my online business a few years ago, though I knew little about it. My area of expertise was the printing industry, but my 40 years of experience held little to help me online. I felt like I was starting over! In truth, I was! Scary. I gotta tell you a personal story that really opened my eyes! Several months ago, I talked with my father back in the USA about some teaching and training he’d done many years ago. He wanted help to put it into a format that others could access. In the course of our conversation, I told him to click on a link I’d sent him to access my Google Drive account.

“Dad, just copy and paste, or you know, drag and drop your info into my Google Drive, so I can download it here in Thailand.” Alert! Warning! Communication breakdown! He didn’t know how to do it! He didn’t know how to click on a link to access to my online storage. Even after I’d walked him through it, my dad still didn’t have a clue about what to do!
Then it hit me! A few years ago, I was in the exact same situation. I wouldn’t have known, either! Back then I was just as clueless as my father! Since that conversation, I’ve focused on increasing my knowledge, my understanding, and my ability to do what was previously beyond my skill set.
I’ve expanded into online sales with products and services, computer processing technologies, and marketing strategies. I’ve learned how to take advantage of Google services like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Analytics, to use FTP to upload files, to create hosting sites, websites and memberships. A few years ago, these terms were not even in my vocabulary!
Now I can honestly say that my online education, my engagement of what I’ve learned, the trainings I’ve put together, and the people I’ve helped, has expanded my value to my marketplace exponentially. I guarantee I did not get here by magic!
It was eye-opening to discuss with my dad what I felt were basic elements of computers and internet navigation. I have to give him credit though – he was 84 years old! That incident vividly illustrated to me the wide gap between what some people know about computers and the internet, and what they need to know to function with success in the online space. If you know how to navigate through websites and surf the web to find what you’re looking for, you’re already light-years ahead of millions of other people.
One of the main purposes of this training series is to help you take your First Steps towards increasing your value to your marketplace. When you lay a foundation of value, you create trust and open the door for your customer to seriously consider what you have to offer.


Jim Rohn hit the internet nail on the head: “You get paid for your value, not your time!”
You can spend a lot of time online and earn nothing – because you are not providing any value to the online marketplace. Learn then earn! To make money online, you must first grasp these concepts of building trust and value. If you don’t, present and future customers will not buy from you – no matter what you offer.
Here’s another question every First Stepper wants to know.
“What’s the quickest way to start making money online?”
Successful internet marketer and one of my guru-ific online mentors, George McBride, had an excellent answer for this question.
“I do not like this question!”
Great answer, George. Why?
“First, the emphasis is on being quick. Many ‘newbies’ put speed over quality and value, only to end up further behind than when they started! In other words, they lost money! They invested with no follow through.
“Second, this question implies trying to avoid the work, effort, and strategy it takes to make money online. From research to execution and everything in between – it takes blood, sweat, and tears. People asking the question are in search of a magic button. There’s no magic button!”
So Guru George, you have a better question to ask?

“With the resources I have available to me now, what can I possibly offer to others in exchange for money?”
Thank you, George! Sounds like a good follow-up to Jim Rohn’s words: “We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time, but we get paid for our value, not our time.”
Ok, enough talk. It’s time to answer George’s question.
1. Grab your favorite beverage and put on some inspirational music: classical, jazz, K-pop, or head-banging, heavy metal – whatever tickles your fancy. (Silence also works.) Sit down with your favorite beverage and a pen and paper.
2. Ask yourself George’s question. “With the resources I have available to me now, what can I possibly offer to others in exchange for money?” Consider your past jobs, occupations, education, and life experiences. Now list the qualities, skills, and abilities you have which might be of value to someone else.
3. Below this list, make another list of the weak areas in your skills or abilities that you need to improve.
4. Now get out your mental crystal ball that can see into the future. Make a list of the qualities and skills you would like to have in the next 12 months from today. This is your “to-do” list.

5. Ask yourself one more question. What can I do now to bring greater value to people I meet and connect with?” Start now. Don’t wait. The world will not wait for you. Waiting invites life’s interruptions to choose your destiny and priorities. Work on your to-do list by learning and then engaging what you have learned.
6. Post this to-do list in your brain, on the shower wall, in the refrigerator, on the ceiling above your bed, and hang it from your rearview mirror.
7. Watch this video from Jim Rohn about your value to the marketplace for some learning about earning:

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