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How To Generate A Passive Income With Arbitrage

 The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Money Online : Arbitrage

How To Generate A Passive Income With Arbitrage

Well today we will talk about  arbitrage, selling a service at one price point and outsourcing at a much lower price point. Is this ethical? We are acting as middlemen and fulfilling a demand, it’s the same way a shop sells you a packet of biscuits, and also we will take care of our out-sourcers which I will talk about later.

I like to skim and get to meat of an eBook but I really want you to read this especially if you have been struggling to make any money online, so here goes. You may have thought, I would like to have an eCommerce store and make $1000’s like the gurus or become a Clickbank super affiliate.

Then you give the above a try, with so much time and effort and see limited results, you then become disheartened frustrated and disappointed. Mentally you are beaten and now your judgment gets wobbly and you start to jump from method to method throwing good money around. Sound familiar? The above methods work but they take a lot of testing and a certain skill level and if you don't achieve a certain level of success you will suffer psychologically.

Why I am telling you this? The reason is, whether you know anything about arbitrage or not if you go through this and think mehh, I encourage you to try the easiest and quickest way to make money online as this will give you a massive psychological boost and then you will feel like you can take on the world.

Now I don't claim to make you the next Bill Gates but you will get sales, and then the possibilities are endless as I will show you how to scale. It's so much easier to dabble in other more advanced methods like eCommerce when you're already making money  and not completely dependent on it working.

How Can You Make Money With  Arbitrage ?

We will start off selling logos (Silence, then tumbleweed) What’s that I hear you say? You thought logos had its day 5 years ago and everyone is laughing saying its dead. Does that look like its dead? I can assure you it's not. By the way that is over £6000’s worth of logos sold not including upsells which I will talk about later.

Generate A Passive Income With Arbitrage

You see there are a lot of naysayers out there, or armchair experts. They read posts on forums and don't have any real world experience in what they are talking about but they believe they are an authority on a subject and this begins to spread. I just let them stay on their soap box while I bank cash :-) Don’t worry I will lay out everything you need to succeed including all my personal templates and communication.

So let me summarize the method. We will advertise on ebay and outsource on fiverr. Once we have a solid well-oiled system in place, your work involved will be literally no more than 10 min per order, again I won't leave anybody behind.

What it takes to succeed with arbitrage

I will mark this as important in case you're skimming. I have had a lot of experience with arbitrage and there are many pitfalls, as well, it can burn you out if not done correctly. It is vitally important that you take the time in the beginning to set up a system, so that when an order is placed you always know what to do next or it's just a matter of copy and paste and that keeps everything organized which is key.
Every time an order is placed I don't what you fumbling thinking what do I do next, we will have an exact replicated system that works for each and every order.

Extremely Important : Make money now and think about the details later. Why you need to be lazy.
Until about 2 years ago I suffered extremely badly with overthinking everything. When starting with arbitrage I was branding a company, setting up company email addresses etc. etc. 

This severely limited my success and everything changed when I stopped doing that,  I started to make more money and quicker. Make money now, and do that kind of stuff later if you want. Please please please don't over think this or start making things difficult for yourself and I promise the money will flow quicker.

Look at my email address, does that look professional in any way?

The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Money Online : Arbitrage

That is why I call this lazy arbitrage, because I cannot even be bothered to set up a gmail for this and it still works :-) And I want you to do same, I encourage you to be lazy (At first just to get initial sales) and then you can take this more seriously

Step 1 Building Your Outsourcing Team.

Now this is where the system really comes into play and it is something I did not do at first and things became messy. You may be tempted to skip this step but I highly recommend you do not, this is probably the most work you will have to do.

Yes I know I told you to be lazy but that comes after setup. For this set up think of yourself as a digital agency hiring your team. What we will do is go to fiverr introduce ourselves to sellers and keep the best ones on a spreadsheet as our team of design professionals that we will use over and over again. This is critical to your success and to make everything easy later. You will need to have a good working relationship with your designers and you will need to use the same ones over and over, not randomly going to fiverr each time because that is not a well-oiled system.
By having a team or regular designers you will get to know how they work and how long they actually take etc. A good relationship with your designers will really pay off as they get used to working with you especially if you get a client who is a bit demanding. So let's begin, head on over to fiverr now and start choosing our design team.

outsource from fiverr

What are we look for in a logo designer? 
Starting price $5,00 24 hour turn around (You will advertise 48 hour) This seller has a one day option for an extra fee, I would still consider this

You don't want to choose a seller with 100’s of orders in the queue, below is good , Check the logo portfolio, does it look good, professional?

This one has every high feedback and only 14 orders in the queue. He specializes in vintage. It's good for you to have go to specialist logo designers on your books like this, as you may get a client that requires it.

Let's summarize, you are going to add 10 - 20 designers to your spreadsheet (provided), that have good feedback, charge $5, turnaround time 24 hours, if not at least that option and with a good portfolio as well as not too many orders in the queue. As I said this is the most time consuming part but it is one time only and will save you a lot time in the future.
Now we will email all of them, introduce ourselves as a design agency with a lot of clients on our books asking if we would like to consider them for work that will remain within fiverr and if they can send us some samples of their work that we can show to clients.

Now you will get varying responses. Most will reply in minutes saying yes great would love to be a part of your team with a link to a portfolio, we will keep these on the spreadsheet as our in house design staff. While others will reply with “I don’t understand” or “I am not sure”, ok delete these from the spreadsheet.

At the end of this exercise we need to aim to have 5-10 design staff on our spreadsheet that have provided positive responses. This whole exercise should be done within 2 - 3 hours max, don’t drag this out over days. Just get stuck in and get it done. Next we will move on to ebay set up where will carry on the keep it simple .

Step 2 Setting Up Your Store Front

Now the first thing I am going to address is for the people reading this who are panicking because they have no feedback. Very briefly I am of the belief that customers are becoming less and less concerned with feedback. It used to be the case that potential buyers would comb through every transaction. This simply does not happen anymore.
The only exception I would make to this is, if you are selling high end goods that are subject to fraud etc. such as iPads and iPhones. In saying that I would at least recommend a feedback score of at least 10 or 20 and I will show a dead simple way to get this, so head on over to eBay and type in picture, then sort from lowest price inc P+P or just search for “Digital Picture Image”

Buy 10 or 20 of these from different sellers and you now have feedback for pennies :-)

Now on to your auction set up, search for logo design and take a look at the categories sellers are listed in. Also have a look at the ones that are getting the most sales, pay attention to the images they are using and the titles. This is a 20 min exercise, this is not deep dive research.
Your auction title, this is important as you will want to use what eBay suggests to get ranked. By the way I use eBay .co.uk with a German eBay account while I am based in Argentina, point being you can use any eBay no matter where you live or where your account is registered at, to target the UK market I choose the option that says the item is located in the UK.
So anyway back to titles, head over to eBay and begin to type in Logo Design and you will see that eBay begins to make suggestions for you like logo design service etc.

You will want to use these suggestions in your title, I would also suggest adding a timeframe such as “superfast 48 hours delivery” I found this works well as almost everybody who orders from me asks if they can have it quickly.
Important, remember we only work with outsourcers that can deliver within 24 hours, so you should not have a problem specifying 48 hours and if the designer delivers in 24 your client will be happy.
Hot tip - Some designers deliver incredibly fast within 6 hours, I personally would not deliver to my client within that timeframe as I think it puts less value on your service, I would rather wait until 24 hours so they believe we were hard at it for the last 24 hours. Now your description, and this is where I want some laziness to kick in.

I am a long time ebayer, over 10 years with multiple accounts and up until a couple of years ago I would be adding graphics and coding and embedding images into the description. When setting up my first logo listing I decided to do something wild and just type into the description whatever came into my head, bolded and increased the font size of some words and nothing else, nothing fancy at all.
It looked like 15 year old had made the description up, but I thought let's try it, I was bowled over when I had a sale after 3 days. I was trying to force myself out of this over complication mentality I was in and it works.
Hot tip - within the auction specify that the logo will delivered in PNG and JPEG only as this is the format that almost all fiverr sellers deliver in with a basic order. I will provide a sample listing but I encourage you spend no more than 10 mins on this.
Hot Tip - the psychology of selling is way beyond the scope of this report but I just want to touch on it very briefly.
Over 95% of sellers will say something like “Best logo Design Service” or “Incredible eye popping designs”. The problem is customers have no interest in that because it does not say what is in it for them and that is crucial.

Example “Eye Popping Logo Designs That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd” one more example “Modern Logo Design That Will Engage & Excite Your Customers” Can you see the difference? Have a play with that but don't obsess, you have to be lazy. Some recent sales to encourage you.

Generate A Passive Income With Arbitrage

Now a while ago I learned a valuable lesson in pricing from a guy who is awesome at arbitrage.
He talks a lot about the customer perception of value which I will not go into here, but the long story short is that you should always price your services high, there is a tendency for people to price low to get more orders and sales but people don't always want cheap as they associate a high price with high quality and they also want to feel a bit elitist, think iPhone. So I recommend you price higher than most on the first page, maybe not the highest but at least the second or third for the same service.
If you do not make sales after 2 days take the price down a little and then again after 3 but still leave it so you're not the cheapest. For the rest of the auction you will need to choose free postage, buy it now and for the duration “Good until cancelled”, for the quantity choose at least 10 or you will have to keep relisting once one is sold. Don't forget to add your portfolio images. Also save the listing as a template. Congratulations you now an a live listing :-)
Now I want you to create 5 to 10 more from the template you saved earlier changing the images and headlines. At first ebay may not rank you high enough for logo design, that will just take a bit of time and will change when you get views and orders. All your listings will be free until a sale is made so this is certainly worth doing as you will get free targeted traffic.

Step 3 Your First Order - Lets Rock !

Now I don't want you to panic I want you to get excited. There are certain things you will need from your buyer to send to your outsourcer and I will give you the exact template. This is where the magic really happens, you get money in your PayPal, you send the requirements to your eBay buyer and then order a fiverr gig, all done in minutes. Arbitrage really is that simple.
Your outsourcer will then deliver samples which you send to your ebay buyer and you ask what they think and if they require any revision, if yes go back to your fiverr outsourcer, if not job done.
mportant, I mentioned this earlier, always take care of your fiverr outsourcer because they will remember you and if you have an awkward client you will be so glad that you have a good relationship with your fiverr outsourcer.

My logo design is around $30 and I always tip around $2 on every order, I am making a decent profit on every logo so $8 total is nothing (Fiverr fees). I am not saying you must do that, that is just my recommendation. Keep your outsourcer sweet.
The actual outsourcing is the simplest part of this but you still may or most likely will come across some problem clients, that is what I am going to advise you on now. One of the biggest issues for me over and over is a client coming back after weeks asking for a revision which cannot be done unless I place a new fiverr order.

Make sure to communicate well with your clients and respond timely, this will come in handy later on and keep everything super organized. I recommend using Google Drive and have a folder for your Logo design business and within that copy and paste templates, then a folder for each of your clients with the drafts that you can simply link them to.
Recently I discovered I can send the images from fiverr directly to Google drive on my iPhone. Sweet :-) So now you would have sent your client drafts, they most likely will request revisions, you communicate with your outsourcer until the client is happy and then the job is done.


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