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Sell Web Design Services Without Being An Expert In Web Designing

how to make money selling web design services without being web developer

Sell Web Design Services Without Being An Expert In Web Designing

Today i will show you how to make a consistent and passive income by taking just a meaningful action, and following the training, I’m going to lay out in this guide.

What you are going to be doing is provide web design services to Local Hotel and Motel businesses and give them an undoubted incentive to purchase from you.  There are practically hundreds and thousands of Local Motel businesses around and literally begging for someone like you to fix their ugly/terrible looking website.

The Method I am going to reveal will get you warm leads and will pay you top dollar for your service. The best part is you don't even have to be an expert in web designing or any other related services, each and everything can be outsourced and you can do it 60 minutes every day in your spare time and will still reap the reward of a Full-time Entrepreneur.

I perform simple google search and find out the Motel websites which are totally useless and outdated not getting them any leads and harming their business reputation at the same time. 

I visit their website and to my surprise, their website is outdated flash version and any potential customer will get annoyed by visiting their website. These sites are totally useless and doing more damage than good for their business.
This is an untapped opportunity because most of these small mom and pop Motel/Hotel business owners don’t even know the importance of having professionally designed business website and more importantly getting leads from their websites is totally new to them.

How to Find Clients

Finding Clients is easier than you can possibly imagine The first step is to perform the simple google search and you will end up with unlimited quantity of websites to explore.

Now once you click on Maps you will see lots of motels websites pops up along with rest of their information and now it's time for us to make a determination to choose the website we will be designing from scratch. As I mention in introduction section how to figure out which website needs to overhaul.

Don’t try and start contacting bigger brand such as Hilton or best western these companies have bigger budget and bigger teams of developers to manage their online presence. Our line of Attack is small mom and pop businesses that will happily receive your services and give you the business for many years to come. We will only contact the businesses who needs help and they are desperate to get our Help that will narrow the Gap and make it almost impossible for the business owners to turn down our Service.

Pro Tip: All you have to do is find out the Hotel/Motel website that needs work and simply send them a Highly Targeted Message via email and Boom! You are in business.

I will be revealing later on the kind of laser focus message you will be sending them. Think About it you Get 1 Lead every 10 laser focus messages you sent to Businesses How many of them you will send each Day. And each lead will pay you $500 to $1499. And once you build a solid relationship with business owners you will start getting number of referrals from them each and every time you work for them Referrals mean more business and more money in your pocket and most importantly more clients that you could possibly handle.

Power of Google Maps

Tired of scrolling through Craigslist or making cold calls? Here’s a method I use to find businesses that’s quick and direct.
1- Go to http://maps.google.com Google Maps is much more than just getting directions or checking traffic. It’s one of the best ways to find potential businesses that need your services. When you go to Google Maps, you should see a map of your local area. Google uses several geolocation technologies to find the area that you are in based on your IP address. It’s similar to GPS on a smartphone.

2- Once at Google Maps, use the search box at the top and enter the keyword “laundromat” (without quotes).

Pro Tip: I am using keyword “laundromat” just for example. You can use Hotel/Motel or any other keyword don’t get confused with the sample keyword I am using here, any keyword can be use here to find any local business. If you are targeting a different niche, then search for that niche to find targeted businesses that you can contact.
Pro Tip: Use generic keywords like coffee, dentist, restaurant, bar etc.

When the results page loads, you should see several businesses listed in a frame on the left and a map on the right. The map will display several red “markers” (with letters) and lots of tiny red dots scattered around. These are locations of businesses based on the keyword you searched for. The red markers match the results in the left frame. So if you rollover a business in the left frame, the related marker will expand a little on the map, indicating where that business is located. 
The business listings are called Google Places and are an important part of SEO when optimizing your business online. You can drag the map around and Google will automatically refresh the results based on the area that you dragged the map to.

3- For me, I’m looking for potential businesses that do not have a website. Those are the ones I can contact and offer my own services too. After searching for “laundromat” in Google Maps, I can quickly scan through the results, going page by page, to see if any of the listed businesses do not include a domain name with their listing.
Google lists the domain name of the business if it has one. The businesses without a domain name are the ones I will contact.

There’s more info that you can use besides just a missing domain name. Businesses can update their Places profile with pictures, business hours and more. Google will also include reviews if it finds them on websites like yellow pages, Yelp, or its own reviews. If their profile looks like the business hasn’t done anything with it, then they probably haven’t and that’s a good way to get your foot in the door.

Optimizing Google Places is something not a lot of people think about, but it’s just as important as regular SEO. Why? Because if someone local to you (in your town or city) is searching for your services, many times, Google will list local “Places” results on the same page as their regular search results. If it’s not optimized, then it will less likely show up.
4- Don’t forget that businesses with websites may still need other services. Like I mentioned above, they may need their Google Places profile optimized. Whatever you think they are “missing” is the reason you would want to call them.

Using YouTube to Get Clients on Autopilot

Let me give you a piece of advice If you master the module of getting clients on YouTube you will never short of leads. This is my virtual guarantee to you and if you are one of those folks who are camera shy and scared of making videos I have a simple and effective solution for you. And the thing I love most about getting clients on YouTube is that it doesn’t stop.
Your video doesn't go down the news feed like it does on other social platforms... which means if you make your videos the right way, they will continue to generate more and more clients with every video you do. Video creation is not complicated But Remember You are Going to have to put in to work and using my proven strategies video creation and getting clients through YouTube videos will be easier than ever. But The Best Thing is your initial work is going to pay off for Years.
Any smart Business owner will tell you that the long term business vision is way more important than the short term gains so what I would like you to do is look at it as a Long term plan of your business so money and cash will be flowing in your business for many years to come.

If you put in the work it is going to pay off Big Time. Like I always said YouTube is one of those things where small little snowballs at the top of the hill you push it off and it start trembling down the hill very slowly as it gain momentum it become unstoppable force.

Simple Video Creation
I am going to show you simple steps to create videos upload it to YouTube optimize it properly and start getting clients. The videos will contain 5 to 10 slides consist of images and captions arranged in PowerPoint and exported to an MP4 Video Format.
We will include a Call to Action Button at the Beginning and End of the Video so user can easily contact you. Adding Royalty Free background music will be a good idea to spice your videos but Remember Always use Royalty Free Music from YouTube Built in Music Library.

If you are using Mac computer you can create a simple video by using Built in Keynote Application.
We are going to use title page outlining our service. We will use 5 to 10 slides with a caption providing the benefits that our business offers.
For Example caption for Hotel & Motel Include:
“Your Website is Broken”
“You are losing Business”
“Your Website is Refusing Your Clients”


I always use royalty free images in my videos so I can never run in to copyright violations. Below I am going to give you some cool resources of Royalty Free Images sites

Power of PowerPoint

PowerPoint is simple and easy to use tool for crafting your videos. And the best part is PowerPoint has the ability to save all your slides and create an Mp4 Video file with in few minutes. All you have to do is after finishing the slides simply click on file and click on Export and save your Presentation as a Video File, Once PowerPoint Creates your video File Simply Upload it to YouTube.
If you are camera shy this is the best method you could use to advertise your Web design services and after a few weeks Results will speak for itself.

Free Online Slideshow Services
Here are the 7 websites to create photo slideshow online with background music for free. All of them are web applications that do not require downloads or installations. Some of them have more advanced features such as animations, special effects, etc., which are suitable for those who are willing to spend more time and effort to make a slideshow that is highly customized.

The best approach to get clients attention is to create a simple review video for them.
- Grab the images and their contact information from their current website and set it up all in PowerPoint including the slides with their images and at the end Call to Action with their address and telephone number.
- We will Rank the video with in 1 hour on google and YouTube searches.
 - How do we Rank them so Quick?
- Let’s Say Business name is Advance Accounting, This is an accounting firm, All you have to do is simply create a video using the method I mention above and Rank them with Following Keyword’s.

Follow the Keyword’s to Rank Any Local Business:
1- Name of the Business for example “Advance Accounting”
2- And then Followed By Term “Reviews”
3- Followed By name of the City, “Flushing”
4- Followed By name of the State “NY”
5- And finally this is an “Optional” write their main business practice name and I wrote “Accountants”
What is so special about the Technique?
The above mention system is so power that you can even get clients instantly. By using the above method creating video for them and using the Keyword Ranking Factors will get your foot land in to the business in to time. You can Rank any Local Business Video on YouTube with Term” Reviews” in the Title.

Once you rank their Business Higher on YouTube or Google simply send them an email or call them and let them know that they are holding number 1 position on YouTube and most of the offline businesses have no idea how you did it. This will give you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and start business relationship with them right away.
Below is the Prove of the Same System I use to get clients, dead simple video on top of Google and YouTube, This method gives me the perfect opportunity to impress them right away and start creating relationship with them and most importantly get the business deals done without being pushy.

Super Targeted Strategy to Get Clients

As you can see in the above section that getting client is not hard at all. Before I conclude the Module I would like to point out one simple way of using the above system to your maximum Advantage.
You could also copy and paste the images from their current website and then create the new version of their website with the Premium Theme I will be giving you in the download section, it will take you no more than 30 minutes to complete the new version of their website and either send them a screen shot of their newly renovated website and make sure to add the “Before” and “After” images of their website so they can see the value they are getting.
You could also add those images in to PowerPoint slides, Create a Video and Put that Video on YouTube Rank it By using My Techniques and at the end of the video show Before and After Images of their Website and Mention the Following “Call to Actions”
Call to Actions
Who Wants the Extreme Makeover of Their Website?
Do You Want to Secure Leads Through Your Website?
Do You Want Your Website to Get You More Clients? 

And Boom! Use the System and Take Action and you will never run out of Clients.

Powerful Video Ranking Strategies

Video seo is becoming more popular and right now you can rank videos WAY easier than a website.
Follow the 8 Steps Formula to Guarantee your Video Rank on Top of Google and YouTube.
Step 1 : Finding the Perfect Keyword for Your Video!
- The first step is always finding your keywords. Finding the best keywords can make or break your video. You need to create a video around a certain keyword’s, in our case it is easier than ever to create a video around. (All we have to do is write the business name in our keyword and name of the city and state the business exist and we are done) 

For Example: Advance Accountant, Flushing, NY  

Step 2 : Use Your Keyword in Your Video Script!

- After determining the keyword you want to make sure that your keyword should be included in your Video Script. If you have a video talking about the particular business, then use the phrase “business name” in your video! YouTube and Google will listen to what you are using in your video! And will Rank you higher.

Step 3 : Use Your Keyword as Your Filename!

- Before uploading your video you should rename the file name with your keyword. If I was trying to get ranked for video Advance Accountant then I would title my video something like Advance-Accountant.mp4

Step 4 : Use a Proper Title and Description!

- The next thing you want to do when ranking your video is putting in the proper title and description on YouTube. When you do this you are telling Google and YouTube exactly what your video is all about! The first part of your title is the most important, you will want to make sure your keyword is in the title.

Step 5 : Add in Your Tags!
After you fill in title and description you need to put in some tags. You want to just put in your main keywords. Do not put in a ton of keywords. It will not help you rank for more keywords when you enter in more tags.

Step 6 : Build Your Channel and Use Playlist! (Optional)

- This is Optional since our Business revolve around Local Businesses you don’t have to have all the settings right but I tell you What if you follow all the instructions in this training then Getting Clients will become piece of Cake for you. The next thing you want to do is build your channel and use playlists. After uploading your video put it in a playlist that is titled your keyword. The more active you are the easier you can rank. The more your video is used in playlists the higher you will rank.

Create a Playlist
  •  Start with a video you want in the playlist.
  •  Under the video, click Add to.
  •  Click Create new playlist.
  •  Enter a playlist name.
  •  Use the drop down box to select your playlist's privacy setting. If it's private, people can’t' find it when they search YouTube. Always keep your playlist privacy settings public. Click Create.
Step 7 : Get More Social Indicators! 

- Now you need to get social indicators. Things like Facebook likes, Pinterest pins, Twitter shares, Google plus's and more. The easiest way to do this is by sharing your video on your own social sites.
Step 8 : Get Wide Range of Backlinks! (Optional)
Use This Option Only if you want to take your business to the Next Level.
- Lastly, you need to build backlinks to your video. This would be things like article marketing, wiki backlinks, document sharing sites, social bookmarking and more. The wider variety of back links the better. Backlinks are one of the biggest indicators when ranking your videos and is one of the most important steps of video seo.

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