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Sell Web Design Services Without Being An Expert In Web Designing Part 2

 Make Money Selling Web Design Services

Sell Web Design Services Without Being An Expert In Web Designing Part 2

Perfect Backend Setup

In This Part I will reveal simple backend set up for your business so you can charge more money from your clients and keep them happy at the same time.

Free Business Phone Number

Although you can use your current number for your business but I will not recommend it. You have the opportunity to grab a second Free phone number that will work best for your business dealing.
Using Your Android or Apple smart phone go to App store and search for “Sideline”, Boom, install the Free App and follow their simple instructions and you will have 2 Free Telephone number in your phone that can be used for your business Dealings.
When you will search sideline in Your App store you will see the following image all you have to do is just install it. Use “sideline” new number to put on all your videos and advertising venture.
Pro Tip: when using “sideline” Free App make sure to choose your new number from your current area code because when people will see their local area code number they will feel more comfortable to connect with you.
This factor will increase the number of calls from your videos, and across the board of all your advertising ventures.

Sell Clients other Services

Pro Tip: Whenever you get new client treat them with utmost respect and always keep in mind that they will be your client forever and they will buy new services from you over and over again and most importantly they are the one who will bring you the most business through Referral, Keep them Happy and You will win a Lifetime Business from them.
Now the question is what kind of other services we can sell to our clients without being doing the actual work. Let’s say you are not an expert in Search Engine Optimization right? How would you sell that service as an upsell to your client?
You can get these services done for your clients from Fiverr.com and other outsourcing sites very cheaply and keep healthy profit without even doing any work or being an expert in any of these fields.
Pro Tip: Once your business start to grow and you have positive cash flow from your business coming in on daily, weekly, and monthly, than you should consider to become the partners of “White Label” service providers. They will do all the work for you and all you have to do just collect the money from your client. The White Label services Providers can performs almost any service you could possibly imagine on your behalf.
Some of the Services White Label Companies Offers
They will do all the seo type of services for your clients and your client will never know that someone else have done the job for them, Your Client will get guarantee Top Notch Service and You Will get Paid.

Pro Tip: Consider using these services only when you have establish your current business because these services would require some investment but in return you will get huge reward by providing these services to your Clients.

Working with Clients


I want you to work with best possible clients that’s why I have put together a list of fundamental rules and criteria . 
  • Make sure your client must have some sorts of online presence so they understand the value of your service (Pro Tip) if they don’t have any presence in digital marketing world than it will be hard for you to sell them your services. 
  • Check it out that they have some sorts of presence in (Google, Google Places)
  • Find out if they are using Social Media Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Even Though by using this Training most of the clients will come to you but I want you to have the criteria in your mind to connect with best Possible Client.

Payment Strategy

Follow the Simple Formula to evaluate the overall value of your client and the Formula is:
Higher Customer Value = Higher Paying Clients
We can easily charge different prices depending on the customer value of each business, For Example, You will not charge the same price for developing a website for a Dentist, as compare to Mom and pop food store, The Higher the Customer Value the More you should be Charging. Even though you will be building websites for Hotel/Motel but with this training Sky is the limit, if you can design a simple website for Hotel/Motel, you can follow the same structure and design a website for any other business you could possibly think of. Start with Hotel/Motel and then slowly expend your wings.

Proven Email Templates

These are the perfect and proven email templates you can use to grab more business.
Pro Tip: Remember, Follow the client getting techniques in the training before you send an email to these businesses.
Email is a Great way of approaching businesses, simply create a video for them as I mention in the Training show them how their current website looks as compare to the Old website along with the benefits, Surprise them with super magnetic Headline and your phone will start ringing off the hook.
Email will allow you to deal with only the ones who are interested and this is the best part of the strategy, Once you get the response from your email Boom, Now all you have to do is Talk to them and finalize the deal since they have already shown interest in your services.
Pro Tip: It doesn’t make sense to go through the effort if you are going to play small. Remember, I’m not talking about price I’m talking about VALUE. You are a premium service provider. When you reach out, show people your “premium”.
Follow the Rules Below before you send your cold Emails and I can virtually guarantee you their response 9 out of 10 times.

Rule:1 Define Your Class

Super ambitious Clients wants to work with Super ambitious consultants.
You should have a clear and unapologetic mindset, keep in mind you are going to help them to grow their business either by developing a website that will generate leads for them or give them the credibility and competitive edge over their competition by having a professional and smart websites.
- I help people turn their website into money making machine.
- I help people to grab more business through their website’s

Rule: 2 Mention Their Problem

You must be clear what you are going to help them with . You are in the business of designing websites and you are going to help them to replace their outdated website with the new one and most of the cases they are not even aware that their unworthy web presence is the crucial part of their business failure.
- If you have a problem upgrading your website I can help you.
- If your website is not profitable I can help you
Having these 2 simple rules in your arsenal will get you response quick and effective.

Now let’s get to the Email Templates.

Scaling Your Business with Facebook 

Almost everyone got Facebook account and being a Product/Service owner like yourself Facebook marketing and advertising platform can take you to the highest level of your business you could possibly imagine. Did you ever thought about creating Facebook fan page?
Facebook Fan Page has a magical power to expose your business to hundreds and thousands of Targeted People.
I want you to leverage Facebook advertising platform by creating a fan page for your business.
Creating Facebook Fan Page If you already have Facebook fan page you can skip this part.
Head over to Facebook and facebook Enter your Email and password and Login. Once you login you will see your main time line page. Simply head over to your right top corner and click on black dropdown arrow so you can see all the option about your Facebook profile will be visible to you.
Now it’s time to create our Facebook fan page.

Choose the Category of your Page. Don’t Choose Local Business because you should have a physical location of your business to fit in this category.
1: Choose a Page Category:
When you set up your Facebook page, you enter the name of your page and choose from six main page categories (which all have their own subcategories). The category you choose allows you to have specific features, as shown in this helpful chart from Facebook Help Center

The above image will help you to choose the right type of Facebook page. Instead of learning all about designing your Facebook fan pages let me help you to get the most appropriate category in which you will be designing you fan page.
Choose Brand or Product and fill out the Main and sub category from the dropdown menu. In the main category you could choose product/Service and in the sub category section you can choose Your Web Design company name or you could write your domain name as well. Keep in mind you can change your page’s category an unlimited number of times. Rest of the setup is pretty much self-explanatory .
If you’re setting up a Facebook page for the first time, you’ll be taken through a wizard to fill in your information. After you’ve entered these details, you’re prompted to upload your profile photo (180 x 180 pixels) and add the new page to your favorites so you can access it from your left sidebar when logged in. Also you need to specify your preferred page audience so Facebook knows who should see your page.

This is where the magic begins. Specify your Locations which is your local area Location Such as Queens New York and finally you will choose your Audience interest So Facebook knows who should see your page.

Create a Cover Photo:
When you return to your page, you’ll notice that it’s mostly empty. The first thing you want to add is your cover photo. The cover photo is an 851 pixel wide by 315 pixel tall image that appears at the top of your Facebook page.
If you want to create a custom Facebook cover photo quickly but don’t have graphic design experience, try tools like Canva that have a selection of Facebook cover photo templates from which to choose.

Fill out the about page of your Facebook page and start posting updates frequently. Create a demo of any local Motel/Hotel Website and post in your page updates, share with all your Facebook friends.

Add a Call-to-Action Button:

Next to your pages like button is a Call-to-Action button. You can customize this button with Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up or Watch Video. Each of these actions can be linked to a specific URL where the action can be completed.

Post Some Updates:
Before you get ready to promote your Facebook page, you’ll want to post some updates to it so that people who visit your page will know what it’s about. Since Facebook allows you to post text, link, photo and video updates, start with one of each type if possible.

If you don’t know what type of update to post search some of your competitor page and see what type of post they make. As I mention above create quick website for some of the Motel’s and post is as an update and ask feedback from the audience who will be visiting your page. Once your contents start getting share and likes it’s time to promote your page.

Start Promoting with $5 only and don’t spend more than $5. Your Set Budget Should not be more then $5 to Promote your page to Targeted Audience. People will start interacting and get to know you and you will start grabbing business with in few weeks from setting your Facebook Fan Page.

After the Small $5 investment Your page will start getting likes and share automatically and even when your promotion will stop people will kept coming back to your page and watch your new post and updates which will give you the perfect opportunity to expose your web design business services and start catering the perfect audience for mutual benefits.

If you follow my advice in this Training Facebook Fan page will become constant source of business and leads for your Web Design Business.

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